How dangerous are fleas REALLY?

That time of year is upon us once again! The warm weather and blue skies make our dogs beg to be outside for sunbathing. Ah, summer, how we love it! (Like our dogs).

Unfortunately, that warm weather and blue skies bring something else with them: fleas. They are a threat to the comfort of our dogs and can wreak havoc in our homes. You know they are annoying, frustrating, painful, and extremely difficult to remove. But did you know that fleas also pose great health risks?

There is a large percentage of dogs allergic to flea saliva. When bitten by a flea, rather than simply scratching the area to relieve the annoying itch, a dog with flea allergy dermatitis will burrow, lick, bite, and chew on the area that is likely already ridged with a welt and is severely irritated. This can lead to excessive hair shedding, painful skin problems, and infections.

Here’s something that many dog ​​and puppy owners have no idea about. Fleas carry parasites! And not just any parasite; the tapeworm parasite. Infected fleas, while sneaking through your dog’s fur, running over your skin and sinking in their tiny teeth to cause itching, are then ingested by your dog or puppy while grooming. A tapeworm infection is no laughing matter either! If you notice that your puppy is lethargic, losing weight, vomiting, having diarrhea, and everything is not looking good, you will want to take him to the vet as soon as possible. Tapeworm eggs will pass through his feces and make their way into his garden where he ‘does his business’ so they can easily be passed on to you or your children if not taken care of right away.

In the rarest cases, fleas can also carry some terribly terrible diseases like typhoid and plague. The presence of these little demons is certainly not to be taken lightly!

When we ship our puppies to you, and it doesn’t matter if it’s the short haired English Bulldog puppies or the longer haired Yorkie puppies, we make sure that your new pup is 100% flea free! Help ensure your new child stays this way by making an appointment with your vet right away and beginning routine treatment of a flea and tick preventative like Frontline, Advantage, or K-9 Advantix.

Keep your puppies, homes, yards, and families flea-free this summer!