How Long Does Your Beef Jerky Subscription Last?

Your Beef Jerky Subscription Last

If you’re a beef jerky fanatic, you know that this snack is high in protein and contains essential minerals like zinc and iron. It’s also a convenient and portable snack that you can take on the go without having to worry about refrigeration. But like all foods, it does expire and need to be eaten before the shelf life runs out.

The shelf life of beef jerky depends on how it’s made and packaged, whether or not it’s homemade, and how it’s stored. Store-bought jerky typically lasts beyond a year at room temperature, thanks to preservatives and vacuum sealing. Homemade jerky, on the other hand, can last up to two months when it’s sealed in an airtight container and stored properly.

When making jerky at home, it’s important to use lean cuts of meat, such as eye of round roast, sirloin tip, or flank steak. Fat does not dry out as well, and it can accelerate spoilage. It’s also a good idea to marinate the meat in herbs and spices, as well as add a pinch of unseasoned meat tenderizer. The meat tenderizer will help break down the proteins in the meat, allowing it to dry out more quickly and evenly.

Once the meat is ready to be sliced, it should be trimmed of any excess fat. Then it’s time to dehydrate the meat. To ensure the beef jerky subscription is properly dried, it’s best to use a meat dehydrator that will allow you to set the temperature and timer accordingly. The final result should be a piece of jerky that is leathery in texture and chewy but still a little bit soft. It should also be free of any liquids or puddles, and it should have no odor or taste.

How Long Does Your Beef Jerky Subscription Last?

If you’re not sure if your jerky has gone bad, there are a few key signs that you can watch out for. One is the onset of rancidity, which can cause your jerky to smell unpleasant and have a bitter or rancid flavor. Another is the presence of mold or other types of bacteria, which are both signs that your jerky has spoiled and may make you sick if you eat it.

If you’re not sure if your beef jerky is safe to eat, it’s always best to throw it away rather than risk getting sick from eating it. While it’s not a food that will spoil indefinitely, the shelf life of beef jerky is short and it needs to be kept in a safe, dark place that’s void of moisture and extreme heat. It’s also a great snack to bring on camping trips, hiking expeditions, and other outdoor adventures.

Like most meat products, jerky can go bad if exposed to moisture and air. If you store your jerky properly, it can last a long time. Choosing lean meat and trimming all fat from the surface of the jerky can help it stay fresher longer as well. Storing jerky in the fridge or a dark pantry and keeping it tightly sealed can also extend its shelf life. Commercially vacuum-sealed jerky can last for up to 1 year.

Jerky is the go-to snack for people who have to bring their food on road trips, hikes, and hunting trips and doesn’t require refrigeration or water. However, it can cause problems if the meat isn’t cooked to an adequate temperature before being dried in a dehydrator or oven. When this happens, bacteria like salmonella and E coli may be left behind on the meat when it’s dried. This can make people sick when they eat the jerky.