How to control ants

Ants can be quite impressive as they accomplish amazing things as a group. But, if you’ve ever had them invading your space, they are nothing but annoying. It is incredibly disconcerting to witness an ant infestation in your kitchen in the morning and to see ants EVERYWHERE on your countertops. They can enter a home through the smallest of cracks by setting up supply chains and lines of communication back to the colony.

To control ants, you must determine how and where they enter your space. Inside the house, you will find that the trail of the ants is coming from somewhere … track down to where they are entering the space. It could be from under the sink. It could be due to a crack in the dash from the countertop tile. It could easily be from a window sill that doesn’t seal completely. There are as many ways to enter a house as there are ants in the world, so keep your way back to see where they are coming from.

Once you locate the entry point indoors, you need to determine the entry point outdoors. This is where it gets tricky: the outside entrance may be far from the inside entrance … or they could be the same.

If they come under a window sill, the inside and outside point is the same. Easy. But if you have a brick home, they may have entered through a hole in the brick grout and then tunnelled between the brick and the siding around the side of the home before discovering an interior welcome mat. The places where plumbing and electricity enter and leave the house are perfect!

When determining the exterior entry point, start at the exterior wall of where you found them inside and begin looking …

Once these entry points are discovered, it’s time for a full assault from the ants! Ensure a totally natural, safe, ‘green’ and effective pest control product to control these trackers. Since you’re spraying indoors (and possibly inside your home structure), YOU DON’T WANT A SYNTHETIC, TOXIC, OR CHEMICAL PESTICIDE!

Generously spray these entrees both inside and out. Spray left and right, up and down, side to side at these spots to control the ants that are there and also to prevent FUTURE ants from entering. Spray these areas every day for three days (another reason to use safe and all-natural products, as you will be around them for several days), and you are sure to see a big difference.

If the infestation is severe, it may require a week of applications.

Now these ants will be looking for NEW entry points. Be very diligent the first few weeks looking for new ant trails. As soon as you see any evidence of ants, secure the entrances and repeat the steps above.