How To Exude Power – Fashion Tips For Women

Although we all want others to judge us based on our personality, opinions, moral fiber and thoughts, the truth is that the clothes we wear play a fundamental role in determining how our friends, family, relatives, colleagues, clients, customers and everyone else sees us.

If you’re not sure what type of clothing helps people convey a positive and successful image of themselves, try picturing a rich broker, president, or any successful person in your head for a second. Do you see? Most of you are probably visualizing fancy suits, pencil skirts, high heels, golf clubs, and expensive jewelry. Now try to visualize an unfortunate person who hates his job and lives a mediocre life. You are probably picturing a sad person wearing puny clothes that reflect their mental and social state.

Do you want to be successful? Start paying more attention to what you wear and leave a positive impression on those who can help you change your life and achieve your ambitious goals. First of all, make sure that everything you use is neat and clean. Second, try to keep the following steps in mind.


Women should avoid wearing too much makeup, as this is not usually associated with sophisticated and successful women. If you are going to a job interview, it is important that you appear confident, serious and professional. Navy and gray suits are an excellent choice for both men and women. White, light blue, striped, and plaid shirts go well with the above colors, as long as they are classic and well-designed. Beige, white, black, and blue pants are also great options that can be easily paired with a wide range of solid-colored and patterned blazers. When it comes to accessories, classic leather totes and briefcases are your best bet if you can’t afford an expensive designer bag.

Your jewelry should express strength, confidence and experience. Tiny heart-shaped earrings paired with an almost invisible necklace with a silver key attached to it can be associated with sweetness, inexperience, and even weakness. If you want to be seen as a strong woman, opt for some tasteful, “strong” pieces of jewelry. Extra large necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings are fantastic options, especially if they are adorned with colorful gemstones. Remember, however, that a sophisticated and classy woman would wear no more than two visible pieces of jewelry, otherwise others might think you’re trying too hard and/or lacking in class. When it comes to casual contexts, knee-length dresses, pencil skirts in neutral colors, patterned tops, blazers, cardigans, trench coats, and classic coats can definitely help you look powerful and accomplished.

If you ever get tired of looking your best every day and would rather wear something comfortable than slim-fit business skirts, tops and pants, neutral-colored polo shirts and chinos are practical alternatives that represent a great combination of comfort and elegance.

How to get all of the aforementioned things if you’re on a tight budget

The answer is simple. Take advantage of special offers, buy in physical or online stores that sell discounted and/or used brand clothing. When it comes to suits, blazers, and pencil skirts, high street retailers like H&M and Zara sell stylish, on-trend, and affordable clothing for women in executive jobs. Jewelry and watches can be purchased on auction websites for 1/10 of their retail price.