How to Maintain a Great Poker Face Using the NLP Self Hypnosis Technique

Have you ever seen a demonstration of the inflexible arm,

or a hypnotist stapling people who are in deep


Basically to do this, you do the same thing.

Of course, a quick start would be a deep relaxation anchor that you already

have. If not, do the following:

Close your eyes. Relax your eyelids. Focus on your face. Slowly, taking as long as you need, go into a trance. Chill out

every muscle of your face very deeply….

Go ahead and talk to them (yes, I suggest you talk to your

Face): Explain why you want them to remain as relaxed as possible during the

next x hours. Explain in positive and negative terms why and what is in

for them.

Then tell them to relax as much as possible and only act when you want.

consciously, for the next few hours.

You now have a truly complete poker face. You will see the trained eyes of

players wandering helplessly over your face, trying to find a clue, a

say, bursting into tears because they can’t find anything there.

Remember to set a time limit there, otherwise you’ll have to undo it.

stasis manually.

You may be wondering if there is anyone out there who is already using such techniques. Well, have you ever wondered why Gus Hanson seems to be in a deep trance when he plays in the best tournaments? I don’t know if he does it like this or if he uses other hypnotic techniques, but the result is the same.