How To Prevent Rapid Ejaculation (5 Tips To Stop Rapid Ejaculation Tonight!)

From a recent survey, we found that 80% of the women surveyed, who admitted to being unfaithful to their husbands or boyfriends, said that they betrayed their male partners due to their inability to satisfy them in bed due to premature ejaculation. Ejaculating too fast is more than a bedroom problem. If you don’t deal with it quickly, it can lead to the breakdown of the relationship or marriage.

Many men suffer from premature ejaculation and do not know how to overcome it. Premature ejaculation is not a permanent condition. In fact, if you know how, you can prevent rapid ejaculation and last longer during intercourse. Now let me share with you 5 tips to stop rapid ejaculation tonight:

1. It’s all in your mind. Premature ejaculation is a psychological problem. Many men think that they will ejaculate quickly even before having sex. If you have this thought, you will ejaculate as soon as sex begins. Although you suffer from premature ejaculation, you should stay positive. Forget the condition and get into sex like men should. Be confident. Be a lion. You must take control of your mind if you want to last longer in bed.

2. Masturbate 10 minutes before having sex. This is an emergency tactic only and should not be used frequently.

3. Monitor your breathing pattern. During intercourse, you should always take deep breaths. Don’t forget to take a deep breath because you are excited. When you feel like you are about to ejaculate, stop what you are doing and take 3 deep breaths. This helps reduce excitement and helps you last longer.

4. Clean your bladder before sex. It is a requirement. Having sex with a full or half full bladder will surely make you ejaculate quickly.

5. Stop what you’re doing. When you feel that you are about to ejaculate, withdraw your penis immediately and stop whatever you are doing. Cool for a few seconds before re-entering your lover.

These 5 tips are enough to add a few extra minutes to your lovemaking tonight. However, if you want to stop premature ejaculation permanently and enjoy sex like every man should, check out the additional advice below: