Leveling Kits – Improve Gas Mileage With a Leveling Kit

Leveling kits pretty much avoid the limelight when it comes to 4×4 and off-road parts, but this certainly shouldn’t suggest that a leveling kit isn’t an essential piece of hardware.

In fact, with gas prices so high these days, many truck, Jeep and SUV owners are looking for ways to save gas and lessen the impact on their wallet. This is where leveling kits come in.

Although you might not guess, a leveling kit can have a decent impact on your fuel economy figures, and knowing how it can affect your suspension system can save you a lot on fuel and maintenance costs.

How a leveling kit affects fuel economy

When we talk about how a leveling kit affects gas mileage, it should be noted that we are advocating common sense in terms of saving gas. In other words, optimizing gas mileage from a trim kits perspective will not produce a massive jump in MPG figures.

Rather, the leveling kit is one of many pieces of equipment that affects gas mileage for a longer period of time, or contributes as one of the many improvements you can make to your vehicle to improve mileage in the short term.

In any case, in this document, we’ll look at the ways that a leveling kit, or the lack of it, can affect your fuel economy.

Leveling Lift Kits Overview

Vehicle customization is one of the most exciting parts of owning a 4×4 vehicle; however, modifying your trip can often be a complicated task that can lead to a wide range of unforeseen side effects.

One particular problem that commonly plagues 4×4 enthusiasts is suspension sag. Depending on the type of vehicle you own and the lift kit you add, customization can sometimes cause a vehicle to travel with an uneven posture; that is, one end travels lower than the other.

Sometimes other factors can play a role as well. Even if you do a perfectly level suspension installation, additional items like heavy duty front bumpers and winches can sometimes weigh down on the front end.

In addition to being simply unsightly, uneven posture can also affect long-term performance. It puts more pressure on the suspension and can also cause tires to wear out faster or go flat more easily.

Leveling kits are the perfect solution to eliminate sagging as they are fairly easy to install and allow you to add those precious extra inches to level your ride. A few inches may not sound like a lot, but you’ll be surprised at what a big difference a leveling kit can make.

Tire wear management

It is common knowledge that front tires wear out faster and go flat more easily than rear tires, simply due to the added movement and stress that steering causes. Now add the front end sag and your front tires will wear out even faster.

Nothing affects on-road and off-road performance quite like uneven tires, not to mention gas mileage. In fact, under-inflated tires are a leading cause of lost fuel economy for commuters and off-road enthusiasts alike.

Add a leveling kit and all of a sudden your tires are offering life and performance like they should. Leveling kits can extend tire life and reduce deflation, allowing you to maximize fuel economy and also get much better long-term tread life.

A complete review

What’s the point of owning a truck or utility vehicle if you’re not putting it to work?

Using your 4×4 vehicle for towing, hauling loads, and other construction applications is common practice among truck, Jeep, and SUV owners. But putting your vehicle under great pressure is another factor that affects mileage and performance.

Introduce block kits or leveling kits that raise the rear of a vehicle. A set of blocks can help offset the weight or extra load on the rear of your vehicle, reducing stress and allowing for more efficient overall performance.

A vehicle with a raised rear end offers less drag when towing or hauling, and more overall stability for those really tough jobs, ultimately resulting in long-term improvements in gas mileage.

A matter of inches

In the end, a few inches can make a big difference in improving or hindering your fuel economy.

Leveling kits are just one of many ways to ensure that you are getting the best MPG possible with your vehicle and, together with a leveling kit, the right combination of components can go a long way towards improving your gas mileage. .