Living with small breasts: what it was like for me and what I did about it

When it comes to living with small breasts, I know a thing or two. I know it is not as important as world hunger or natural disasters, but for women who have always had a “sporty” figure (aka … flat chest), it is a sensitive subject for them.

We live in a world where appearance is dissected as if it is more important than personality. I am not saying that it is correct. I’m just saying the obvious. Unfortunately, it is even worse during your high school years. High school was a nightmare for me. I was by far the last of my friends to develop, and when I fully “developed” there really wasn’t much to see.

I always hated going to places where my figure would have to show off, like the beach, the gym, etc. I always felt like people were looking at me, and my breasts were very small. I know that was probably not the case, but when you feel self-conscious about something, you become more paranoid.

For the girls / women who were lucky enough to never have had this problem, they probably think I’m exaggerating too much. But it’s easy to think that way when you have full and perky breasts.

But I’m happy to tell all my other flat-chested friends that there are things they can do to increase their breast size. And no … it has nothing to do with the surgery.

There are natural herbs that can help promote the size of your breasts. You just need to know the right type of regimen to follow, and more importantly, be able to stick with the regimen, day after day.

I can assure you that as long as you have dedication, you will see improvements. However, don’t expect to become Pamela Anderson. If that’s what you want, you better have it done. But if you want to see natural-looking breast growth, you’d better go the all-natural route.

When I started the regimen, I almost ended up in the towel, as there were times, especially in the beginning, where I didn’t notice any changes, but the changes won’t be immediately obvious.

That is why it is a good idea to take a picture of your breasts before starting the regimen, that way a few months late you can compare your new breasts with your old ones. It’s really hard to get an idea of ​​how far you’ve come just by looking at them in the mirror every day.