Lose 30 Pounds – A Guide For Women To Drop Inches Without Starving Or Endless Brutal Workouts!

Losing 30 pounds is often the biggest request I get from new clients at my local weight loss classes, as that is typically the amount of weight that will allow them to drop a large number of sizes and return to their happier weight.

Learning how to finally lose weight and stay that way without committing suicide in the gym is not impossible. Asian women have mastered the art of losing weight and staying slim even after having a baby without going through all that drama.

Today we will look at some ways you can learn how to lose 30 pounds quickly in your own life using simple Asian techniques and methods that anyone can do, without having to sacrifice a “normal” life.

Lose 30 Pounds – The Skinny Asian Way

One of the first things I review with new students is to help them understand that “low fat” is NOT their friend when trying to lose 30 pounds.

When I was an Asian child growing up in Taiwan, my mother taught my sisters and I that unnatural or altered food was one of the quickest ways to cause weight gain, despite the lower calorie count.

She wasn’t a nutritionist, but somehow she knew that foods that had certain things artificially removed must have other chemicals or preservatives in their place … and now science is proving that thinking is exactly correct for people who trying to lose 30 pounds often find they have GAINED weight after the first week of trying low-fat options!

A recent Cornell University study found that people believe that low-fat foods have 40 percent fewer calories than the “real” version. In fact, most low-fat foods reduce only 10 to 30 percent of your calorie count. And many manufacturers replace fat with sweeteners, such as high fructose corn syrup to keep foods tasting great, which contain a large number of compounds that prevent fat loss.

Stay away from the various options or low-fat versions of foods and close to products that have a maximum of 5 ingredients on the label if you want to lose 30 pounds the right way.

Slow down for big losses

It’s just a small tip out of the hundreds of tips that I teach in my slimming groups, but it’s so powerful – you’re chewing your food too fast.

Losing 30 pounds requires rethinking how everything is done when it comes to food, and one of the ways people tend to eat too much at meals is by eating too fast.

It takes time for your brain to start producing the hormone that tells it it is “full,” and it may take up to 20 minutes before it begins to enter your bloodstream after you have taken your first bite.

The problem is that we now eat so fast, stuffing food down our throats for even 5 minutes, that our bodies can’t catch up and by the time they do, it’s too late … we’ve ingested hundreds of extra calories that we don’t we would have eaten. Wouldn’t have done it if we had gone slower. It is impossible to lose 30 pounds when you are losing the race between your diet and your brain.

Think about this: if you reduce your eating rate by just a third, or 33 percent, you will save almost 100 extra food calories at each meal. That’s 300 calories a day! And you won’t feel the least bit hungrier.

What if you just can’t lose weight?

I know it can be depressing, but if you’re upset that nothing has worked, you should learn one of the most powerful secret free methods Asian women do to get rid of belly and thigh fat in less than a month … WITHOUT starving. nor do crazy workouts.