Low Cost Legal Transcription and Globalization

Globalization and the Internet are a boon not only for the legal transcription industry, but also for the legal outsourcing and BPO industry. It’s not just about legal transcription, but there are also various other legal services (such as legal research, legal coding, electronic discovery, patent analysis, etc.) that are increasingly being sent out of the country for execution. Forrester Research has rightly projected that more than $4 billion worth of legal work will be outsourced to India by 2015. With the opening up of the free market economy, the revolution has created the concept of outsourcing based on cost savings, and it is This is what drives US entities to outsource legal transcription and many other legal processes. Therefore, today we see that jobs such as legal documentation, legal research, litigation support, etc. are successfully outsourced and draw on the expertise of legal professionals who might be located in other parts of the world.

Law firms, courts and lawyers can order instant legal transcription services using different cutting-edge technologies. Dictations can be recorded on tape, a recorder or a PC, and the audio files are sent over the Internet for transcription. Or now it is even sent directly by dictation via telephone. Dictations sent over the phone are recorded in a different location where you work immediately. They produce high-quality transcripts and the papers are supervised by legally qualified/experienced legal professionals.

Outsourcing legal transcription to countries like India allows for low cost transcription with rates as low as 8 (eight) cents per line of work. Most of the companies are now very concerned about the security of the documents that are sent online. This is made possible by encrypting all files before being transmitted over the web. By offshoring/outsourcing legal transcription jobs to professional Asian firms using cutting-edge technologies, US law firms are guaranteed benefits like,

  • full security
  • Low response time
  • High accuracy
  • low price
  • Delivery in any format
  • Although there have been problems and many challenges still exist for the legal outsourcing industry, including the current recession of 2008, experts predict that there will be steady growth in legal transcription and other legal process outsourcing services.