Make your ex boyfriend miserable without you: make him crave you

If you want to make your ex boyfriend miserable without you, you need to give him a taste of his own medicine. You must remember that you are not doing this to get even. You are only showing him how much damage he has caused you by making him feel at least a small amount of the pain you are feeling right now. You have to do this with love and not hate. The main goal is to win him back and make him love you with all his heart.

The first step to making him feel at least a part of your pain is to let him. But how do you leave him when he has already left you? Well, he has the perception that he has left you, but you are still after him. This is what most men feel after dumping their girlfriend. They also assume that if they turn around and ask their girlfriend to come back, they will literally run and fall into her arms. Well, you have to surprise him. You have to show him that his assumptions are wrong.

So write him a short note saying you’re okay with the breakup! This may sound contradictory to everything you’ve heard before. But like I said before, you have to give him a taste of his own medicine. She broke off the relationship because she felt it had to end. Now you also say that the relationship must end. So write to him saying that you thought about it for a while and that you are convinced that a break up is the right thing for both of you.

This would come as quite a shock to him. Now he can’t assume you’re after him anymore. He knows you’re out of his league. Even if he wants you back, there’s a chance he won’t get you. Now that is powerful! A guy will start to feel very uncomfortable when he is no longer in control of a relationship. He can no longer call you and make you dance to his tunes. You’re no longer ‘his his girl’ his. Now that’s going to give you sleepless nights. You already have it! He’s hooked. As long as you keep running after him, he has control over the relationship. But once you accept the breakup, his knees will start to shake.