More feminine options for you

There is a certain type of guy that girls just can’t resist.

A guy who is not afraid of anything.

Now don’t get me wrong. Not being afraid is not the same as walking around and beating everyone up. Not being afraid doesn’t mean walking into your boss’s office and throwing a cup of coffee in his face before you quit.

Not being scared doesn’t mean jumping into the lion cage at the zoo to show what an alpha king you are.

I mean social fear. Not being afraid of social attention and social rejection for expressing your wishes and opinions.

Not being afraid means not doubting when pursuing something, but at the same time having a healthy respect for other people’s decisions.

The unique combination of fearless self confidence with kindness, respect, and honest enjoyment and appreciation for life will make the action more feminine than anything else.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like or how much money you have.

With the right attitude, you will radiate an appeal that will kill any other nonsense that tries to “pretend” they have a game.

It doesn’t matter what you talk about or how long you talk. Girls will feel something about you that is irresistibly attractive, which will make them forget about all the other guys they have been with.

How do you get this attitude?

The traditional way is to just get TONS of experience. Most guys never get this level of experience, because as guys gain experience, they end up connecting with a partner and settling down.

And as I’m sure you know, once you settle down, your “game” skills fade and die.

Now if you treated gambling as a MUST HAVE skill, and spent a couple of years, hanging out as often as possible and talking to as many girls as you could, you would generate a massive experience, giving you enormous self-confidence. that girls find irresistibly attractive.

But let’s be serious. Who wants to spend all that time practicing?

Why not take a shortcut?

The trick is to combine very small steps, in the real world, with some imagination exercises later on. By combining real world experience with powerful mental programming, it is quite easy to make significant progress forward.

Once you start to feel the momentum building, you may be more and more willing to take bigger risks. Only little by little you will stop seeing them as risks and you will see them as opportunities to learn and grow even more.