Native American culture in Sedona

There is a lot of Native American influence in the Sedona area. Its culture is rich and dates back centuries. All you have to do is walk the streets of beautiful Sedona and you will see and feel the rich tribal ethnicity that dates back to Native Americans.

Native American tribes have been in the area for thousands of years. It wasn’t until the latter part of the 19th century that Europeans finally came to the Sedona area to stay. So when you visit Sedona, you will find a deep Native American influence still in place. The influence is strong, from the handicrafts sold in the town to the beautiful cave paintings that have been discovered in the area.

Archaeologists have been able to uncover some interesting facts about the ancient residents of this region. Most archaeologists believe that the nomadic people who lived in the Sedona area so many thousands or years ago were probably hunting the larger game animals of the Ice Age.

Then, about 7,000 years ago, the culture of the Native Americans in the region began to change. They began to spend more time collecting plants and hunting animals that were considered small game. Stone tools, as well as projectile points, have been discovered in this time period near Dry Creek.

It was not until 700 AD that the native culture of the area was substantially modified. At this time, civilization became more focused on agriculture and the making of beautiful pieces of pottery. The group in the area was then known as Hakataya, and another group, the Hohokam, joined them. Later another tribe known as the Sinagua arrived in the region; All of these people merged to become South Sinagua. In the unique cliff dwellings that can still be seen, and in some of the rock art that can be found, evidence of their life and culture can be found. In fact, one place where you can see his interesting cliff dwellings from so many years ago is the Palatki cliff dwelling.

There is still a strong Native American presence in Sedona today. Some of the modern tribes found in the area include the Tonto Apaches as well as the Yavapai, and you will find that the Hopi and Navajo Indians also have a strong influence in the region. You’ll find evidence of their culture in the artwork, ceremonies, and deep respect for this beautiful land. Many places in the Sedona area are considered sacred, so visitors should be careful to respect this.

Visitors to Sedona can see numerous ancient native artifacts. There’s the cliff dwelling known as Honanki, as well as Woo Canyon, where you can see native art from so many years ago. You’ll also find exhibits of Native American dance, art, and music, and visitors can purchase beautiful Native American jewelry and pottery.