Neuroscientist inverts his belief in the afterlife

A renowned pseudoskeptic has taken a noticeable turn in his belief regarding the afterlife and what is understood as the “paranormal.” Dr. Michael Persinger, the famous self-proclaimed atheist neuroscientist at the University of Ontario, hailed by skeptics for his experiments with the “helmet of God” as evidence that NDEs are evidence of an afterlife , has turned the tables on his skeptical admirers by announcing that he has now discovered a telepathic link proven in his experiments with test subjects connected by magnetic fields.

The mainstay of skeptical research has been to show that ESP, telepathy, sixth sense, and mediumship are nothing more than a trick of people who are often wrong. This investment in belief is a breakthrough not only for the scientific community and a huge thorn in the side of neuroscience due to the revelations and evidence that resulted from experimentation by physicians. Perhaps Dr. Michael Persinger should be hailed as an intrepid explorer known for his fearless investigative approach to topics that are normally despised by eggheads and ignorant egos.

The scientist is famous for his “God Helmet” experimentation, which was a test that involved wearing a helmet that stimulated the temporal lobes with a magnetic field, this in turn inducing religious states. Dr. Persinger has concluded that there is indeed a connection between two individuals connected by a magnetic field, he maintains: “What we have discovered is that if you put two different people at a distance and put a circular magnetic field around of both, and make sure they are connected to the same computer so that they receive the same stimulation, so if you turn on a light in a person’s eye, the person in the other room who receives only the magnetic field will show changes in their brain like if they saw the flash of light. We think it is tremendous because it may be the first macro demonstration of a quantum connection, or the so-called quantum entanglement. If true, then there is another form of potential communication that may have physical applications, for example in space travel “.

Of course, like any skeptical researcher, you have to remain somewhat skeptical of your own results in order not to lose face with the skeptical move, yet the results speak for themselves and the fearless Doctor is not afraid of being controversial. He has this to say about his colleagues in the scientific field: “I think the fundamental thing about science is to have an open mind. It is really important to realize that the real subject of science is the search for the unknown. Unfortunately, the Scientists have become extraordinarily group-oriented. Our most typical critics are not mystical believers. They are scientists who have a narrow view of what the world is like. “

What does this mean for our work in science and mediumship?

This is a breakthrough in work to help people understand the validity of the sixth sense, ESP, and of course mediumship, but we shouldn’t feel too comfortable as there is so much more to do. While we view this as a breakthrough, we must remember that there will be an even greater concerted effort to investigate the claims and show that they are weak and inconclusive. This is why we must not rest on our laurels and continue our investigations, testing and validating evidence based on sound scientific principles to ensure that our standards in mediumship remain high.

Jock Drills


Founding member of ASSMPI