New York Mets among teams most likely to change coaches

New York manager Terry Collins, whose Mets have suffered devastating injuries to the pitching staff, has been the subject of recent talk of changing captains among Major League Baseball’s thirty teams. According to writer Jon Heyman’s Aug. 24 column in bleachreport.comsome people close to the team fear that Collins will not be managing the Mets when the players open spring training in 2018.

Under Collins, the Mets have made the postseason in the past two years, including a trip to the World Series after winning the pennant in 2015. So no one could have expected New York to go 55-70 by the end of the season. August, but that poor performance is currently where Collins and his club are.

Collins has had a lot of misfortune this year, especially injuries that decimated nearly the entire starting rotation. Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard and Steven Matz have endured stints on the disabled list in 2017, not to mention the games missed by regulars like veteran third baseman David Wright, outfielder Yoenis Céspides, shortstop Asdrubel Cabrera and former second baseman base Neal. Walker.

To make Collins’ situation even worse, New York’s front office began a rebuild before the All-Star break. The Mets traded All-Star outfielder Jay Bruce to the Cleveland Indians in July, and a few weeks later sent leadoff hitter Curtis Granderson to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Due to recent trades, the team’s poor performance in the second half cannot be attributed solely to Collins. However, New York is likely to say goodbye to the beloved patron.

Collins will not be the only coach to be fired from his duties after 2017, nor the only one to have made the playoffs in the past two seasons.

Buck Showalter led the Baltimore Orioles to the postseason in 2015 and 2016, but the Birds are three games under .500 this year. Showalter was already on the bench after failing to use All-Star closer Zach Britton in last year’s extra-inning loss to Toronto in the AL wild-card game, but bringing together another contender certainly would have erased that memory. .

Instead, Baltimore has been eyeing division rivals in New York and Boston most of the season, with even the Tampa Bay Rays ahead of them in the standings. If the Orioles can somehow earn a wild card spot, Showalter’s fate could certainly change, but as of now six teams are ahead of them for that shot.

Bryan Price and the Cincinnati Reds have no chance of making the playoffs, and it may be time for a leadership change. After succeeding Dusty Baker and perennial postseason appearances, Price oversaw the Reds’ demise.

No one expected them to win the pennant, as they began a rebuild shortly after Price took office in 2014. For whatever reason, though, Cincinnati has gotten worse every year since, suffering the worst record in the National League in 2016.

It’s highly unlikely they’ll receive that ignominious designation this year (thanks to the Phillies’ woeful showing), but the Reds aren’t any better than they were 365 days ago. The biggest area of ​​concern has been their pitching staff, both the rotation and the bullpen.

It was a similar story last year, when relievers set a record for home runs allowed. Price earned the Reds manager job because he was an esteemed pitching coach, and the Cincinnati front office expected him to be a great leader for the young pitchers who would take the mound at Great American Ball Park.

Now, after four years, Price hasn’t been able to develop even one pitcher who can be considered a consistent starter. The Reds could choose to try a different path before spring training begins in 2018.