Pokémon cards: how to protect and store them

Once you start collecting Pokémon cards, you will raise a large amount fairly quickly; a few dozen cards will turn into a few hundred before you know it. You may be tempted to toss your cards in a shoebox when purchasing them, but it is far better to come up with a system for organizing and storing your cards.

There are two main benefits of keeping your Pokémon cards in order. The first benefit is that your cards will stay in better condition when you pay more attention to them. When you simply toss all of your cards in a box or container, they are much more likely to get damaged. The holographic surfaces of rare Pokémon cards are delicate and can be easily scratched.

It is important that you keep your Pokémon cards in good condition because this will help them maintain their value. Some of the rare Pokémon cards out there are worth $ 50 or more. However, when the card gets smudged, it won’t be worth as much. You won’t be able to sell your cards for that much money in the future, and you won’t receive as much value in exchange for an exchange.

The second reason to store your cards neatly is that it becomes much easier to find a specific card later. Even though I have thousands of Pokémon cards, if you asked me to pick a specific card from the lot, I could find it in 30 seconds! It’s really nice to be able to do this, especially when someone wants to trade with you or if you are trying to build a deck.

Now you may be wondering, “What is the best way to store my Pokémon cards?” Well, here is the system I use to keep my Pokémon cards in order:

First, I keep all of my holographic Pokémon cards in a sturdy zippered folder. I strongly recommend that you use a zippered folder, so your cards don’t have a chance to fall out. First I put each card in a penny sleeve, which is just a thin plastic card case that costs around a hundred, and then I put it on the card that contains the pages inside the binder. I prefer Ultra-Pro card pages, which can hold up to 9 cards per page.

I only put 1 card in each slot on the page, just because they can get damaged if you try to fit more than one in each place. Using this method ensures that your cards will remain in perfect condition. I recommend putting your holographic cards in your wallet as soon as you purchase them; Don’t wait because they could get scratched!

I also keep my folder organized by sections. I separate my cards by type, which means I keep all Fire Pokémon cards together, all Water types together, etc. You may find it better to organize your letters in a different way. As long as you know where to find all of your cards inside your wallet, that’s fine.

I like to keep my non-holographic Pokémon cards in cardboard boxes made specifically for storing trading cards. You can probably find these at your local hobby store. They cost no more than a couple of dollars each and can hold a few hundred, if not thousands, and cards, depending on the size you get.

I keep my cards here organized first by set, and then within the set I organize them again by the color type of the Pokémon card. I use index cards to mark where each section begins and ends. This works extremely efficiently for me; I can find any card you ask for in an instant.

I think a key to keeping a collection of Pokémon cards organized is to save the new cards you receive as soon as you receive them. Don’t stop filing them; just get in the habit of putting them in their place.

It’s easy to keep a perfect and organized collection of Pokémon cards; you just need to focus a little. Believe me, the effort is worth it. Good luck organizing and storing your collection of Pokémon cards!