The AZ of Sports Tour Fundraising Ideas

Participating in a sports tour can be expensive depending on the destination, the mode of travel, and the unavoidable social activities. For that reason, it never hurts to lower the cost of a sports tour a little more to ensure that money is not an issue for any member of the team. Fundraising can also be a great team building exercise because everyone in your sports club is working together to raise money for your sports tour.

Each player and supporter of your sports club has individual talents, skills and abilities. Host a brainstorming session to find out what they are and put them to good use for your fundraising activities. Unusual events often work best to attract sponsorship and publicity, so get creative!

To get started, come up with a fundraising plan, set an achievable goal, and make sure you have fun while you fundraise.

Aerobics marathon, snack, auction of promises, day of activities, assault course
Hair Day, BBQ, Barn Dance, Bingo Night, Blind Date, Back to School Party, Bake Sale, Baked Bean Dip Challenge, Book Sale, Boot Sale, Board Game Night, Boat Race, Bottle Booth, Bus Pull, Bag Packing at a Local Grocery Store, Baby Competition (for whole team baby pictures!)
Cash Back Sites (get cash back for online purchases), Casino Night, Dress Swap, Caption Competition, Stair Climbing, Car Sales, Car Wash, Chess Competition, Christmas Carol Singing, Morning Coffee, Cookie/Cake Baking, Computer Game Marathon, Car Scavenger Hunt, Concert, Cover the Distance with Coins, Craft Fair, Cheese and Wine Soiree
Dance marathon, darts competition, dinner dance, disco, dog walk, drawing competition, duck race, rowing booth, dried cornflakes (who finishes the bowl first?)
Easter egg hunt, exhibitions, expert talk.
Face painting, fairs, parties, costume party, costume football, fashion show, film screening, fireworks party, foam party, soccer tournament, fun day, fun run
Game shows (recreation of a popular TV show), golf day, garden party, go-karting, guess height/weight/number/name, gardening (provide a service), greeting cards, guest speaker, drop off chocolates/candy/alcohol/other, girls pamper night at
Halloween party, head shaving, hole in one, hitching a duck, horse race night, hair braiding, hat day
Ice skating, dinner with international food, it’s a sensational event, ice cream sale, ice cream challenge (how much can you eat in one minute?)
Work week (small jobs are done for pay), juggling competition, jumble sale, judo competition
Karaoke, keep-a-thon, kite flying, kiss chase, knobby knees competition, knitting, kit sale/auction (special issue, kit in club colors for sponsors and children, etc.)
Line Dancing, Ladies Night (everyone dresses up as ‘ladies’), Lottery, Lucky Dip, Limbo Dance, Men’s Leg Waxing, Letter Day/Holiday (base your activities, dress code and food around a specific letter of the alphabet), Lunch Money (everyone bring lunch from home and donate lunch money)
Magic Show, Marathon, Mufti Day, Murder Mystery Dinner, Music Contest, Mouse Race, Crazy Makeup Day, Makeover Party, Movember Mustaches
Nature trail, New Years party, name the _____ (make people pay to suggest a name)
Online Donation Request, Obstacle Course, Weird Clothes Day, Open Garden Day, Opera Night
Paintball, skydive, pet show, plant sale, pledge auction, pop concert, pub game night, puppet show, pool contest, photo contest, buggy race, picnic
quiz night
Races, raffles, rides, cookbook, record attempt, radio controlled car races, rock and roll night
Speed ​​Dating Event, Shoe Shine, Slave Auction, Sausage Sizzle, Slideshow Soiree, Oath Box, Sports Day, Scavenger Hunt, Spelling Bee, Sponsored Silence, Singing, Skydiving, Sponge Toss, Marathon Swim, Snail Races, Sweepstakes, Quit, Sock/Tie/Shocking Shirt Day, Scratch Cards (order online)
Talent Show, Tea Party, Teddy Bear Picnic, Tombola, Three-Legged Race, Scavenger Hunt, Tug of War, Top Hat and Tiara Party
Underwear Day as Outerwear, Uniform Day, College Challenge
Valentines Ball, Valentine Roses, Variety Show, Vampire Party, Vicar Party and Cakes
Water games, hole toss competition, madness races, wheelbarrow races, wine tasting night, window cleaning, white water rafting, wig party, white elephant sale
christmas ball / bazaar / sale of cards / panto
Yacht race, yoga marathon, yo-yo competition
Trips to the zoo, zodiac readings, zombie parties