The Boltheads love their San Diego Chargers

On September 5, 2009, the San Diego Chargers will open the season at Qualcomm Stadium. Although details about the new season are still being worked out, there is already great anticipation electrifying the air. The buzz is very positive about this team’s chance for a championship season. This has created an even more frenetic demand for San Diego Chargers tickets.

It has already been announced that the team will use the draft to recruit most of the players it needs. This doesn’t mean the free agent signing is off the table entirely, and there are bound to be some surprising announcements before it’s all said and done. Nonetheless, Bolthead fans are excited to be the first to know which top college prospects are headed their way. Spring 2009 is right around the corner and the draft is only a few weeks away, so fans are keeping their eyes and ears open.

Remembering the early years of the franchise

The original owner of the Chargers football team was Conrad Hilton’s son, Barron. During 1959, when the San Diego Chargers were being established, the organization process only took a few months to iron out most of the wrinkles. Times were different in those early years, and putting together a professional sports team was a deal that could be done quickly, without endless legal maneuvering on either side. The high demand for San Diego Chargers tickets had not yet reached its peak today, but the fans were always eager and enthusiastic in their support of their hometown team.

The Chargers were official members of the American Football League and opened their 1960 season in Los Angeles. The following year, the team moved to San Diego, where they would continue to play under the management of Sid Gillman. Wide receiver Lance Alworth, John Hadl and Paul Lowe were some of the standout players during these early years. Today, Alworth is a member of the Football Hall of Fame.

After Hilton sold the franchise in 1966, the Chargers began comparing his skills to players on NFL teams. One of the favorite victories in the eyes of many fans was when his team posted a victory against the New York Jets, who were the reigning Super Bowl champions in 1969. This same year saw another milestone when Gillman retired from the coaching job at boss. for health complications. Charlie Waller, who had been the offensive backfield coach, was chosen to replace Gillman as head coach. With this changing of the guard, the team entered uncharted territory.

The Chargers almost claimed the division title

The 2008 season was good for the Chargers even though they didn’t make as much progress as they had hoped. In December, the team had a record of 7 wins and 8 losses and anyone without San Diego Chargers tickets was desperately looking for one that might be available.

The Chargers’ win-loss record now places them just behind the Denver Broncos. After the Broncos lost to the Buffalo Bills, the stage was set for the AFC West Division Championship title game between San Diego and Denver. The fired up Chargers destroyed the Broncos by a score of 52-21. This win also allowed the San Diego team to advance to the AFC Division playoffs as the fourth seed. Continuing to dominate their opposition, the Chargers defeated the Indianapolis Colts. It was the strength of the Pittsburgh Steelers team that ultimately closed out the season with an incredible run by the San Diego Chargers.

2009 is looking good for Chargers fans

The 2009 season is an opportunity for a great team to achieve superstar status. San Diego plans to find the right players to strengthen the weaknesses that have plagued them, especially on offense. This may be the year that strikes the perfect balance and fans are already feeling it and have started their search for San Diego Chargers tickets even earlier than 2008.