The Demon Plague – Book Review

The Demon Plague by Joreid McFate is a fantastic sci-fi paranormal suspense novel, involving time travel and mysticism. This 424-page book is also available in e-book format.

Due to the volume of books I review, most are donated to our local library when homework is completed. However, this is a book that I cannot part with. I think it is important to mention this comment, because only 0.04% of the books I review reach my personal shelves.

This exciting story begins when a plague of demons swept over humanity, sparked when some scientists developed a technology that mastered time travel. There are factions that radically seek a path to racial and genetic purity, while others live to cure the plague and fight for basic human rights. Crystal Patience Gladstone Donovan becomes embroiled in this war when, on her grandmother’s deathbed, she is given a family heirloom and told that she is the ‘Star’ and that she awaits her ‘Moon’.

She is soon caught up in a journey back in time where she meets her ancestor Patience Gladstone Talbot, another ‘Star’. Crystal learns that her middle names are common over time, as they are given to the gifted child who is known for a birthmark. Scenes of chases, deceptions, battles, going back and forth into the past and future are stepping stones for Crystal and her friends in their attempts to do the right thing.

This story could be used as an excellent reminder of the dangers and great possibilities that advanced technology could bring. It was refreshing to experience realistic female characters in this novel. I was absolutely in awe when I read that Joreid McFate is not only actually two separate authors, but despite many other collaborative projects, they have never met and have never spoken on the phone!

Without hesitation, I recommend The Demon Plague with the highest ratings.

ISBN Number: 1554102235
Author: Joreid McFate
Publisher: Zumaya Otherworlds