The makeup depends on the breakup

We all know how a relationship can break up for various reasons. The reasons are myriad, from all sorts of small and stupid to big and common. Your boyfriend is now your ex boyfriend for one of those reasons. He may be trying to learn how things might start, but don’t forget to learn how things stopped first.

As it is already clear, the method you choose for makeup should be decided wisely after due consideration of the break. For example, if you were the cause of the breakup, that is, you made a big mistake or you were the one who left him, be ready to demolish your ego. Since you had the upper hand in the first place, you definitely have to lower your pride to get your ex back. Be prepared to apologize seriously, you can’t get away with it easily. Also, saying “I’m sorry” won’t make you any smaller, it will only bring you closer to someone you love. Sometimes a pardon is all it takes for a makeover.

On the other hand, if he was the main reason behind your fight, there can be two cases. Either he made a big mistake or he just dumped you. In the first case, it would be relatively easier since you can always forgive your ex for his mistake to get him back. Whereas in the latter you have to take care of the thing he left you for. Was it your strange behaviour? Was it your indifference? Whatever it is, take care of it. Try to change yourself a little according to him. Try to highlight some positive qualities and reduce some of those negative ones.

Lastly, if the breakup was a mutual separation discussed at length by two mature people, it might be a bit of a difficult situation to get your ex boyfriend back now. Since if this happened with mutual consent, there is less chance that he would like to return. But since you want it back, you have to try. You have to meet him for coffee and talk about it. Talk about it a lot and make him realize how angry you still are about him. Show him your love and remind him how great your partner was. A review of some good old memories might make it work.

Maybe he’ll understand you and come back. But only if you choose the right way to get what you want.