The secret techniques to choose the best domestic worker in 10 easy steps

1. Identify your need for a domestic worker. When you’re feeling overwhelmed with too many household chores and need an extra set of hands to help you, that’s a good indicator that you need a maid. For example, a housewife needs to work and take care of the children; she won’t have the time, energy, and motivation to attend to household chores.

2. Determine which nationality of the domestic worker you are comfortable working with. You will have the choice between a Filipino, Indonesian or Sri Lankan maid. The Filipino is usually Roman Catholic, the Indonesian is usually Muslim, and the Sri Lankan is usually Muslim or Hindu.

3. Calculate how much you can set aside to pay the salary of the domestic worker. In addition to your other monthly expenses, you must set aside an amount to pay the monthly salary of the housekeeper. You also have to think about the monthly tax for foreign workers. If you are looking for an experienced maid you will need to book more. For example, an inexperienced Filipino housemaid can make as much as $320 per month. Where as an experienced housekeeper it can cost $400 or more.

4. Find a cleaning agency. It would be better if someone you know would give you a recommendation as they have experienced the services of this cleaning agency. If the agency has provided profitable services, your friend will immediately point this out. If you don’t have any recommendations, you can look in newspaper classifieds or browse the Internet for cleaning agencies. It is a good practice to compare the services offered and the price of the administrative and cleaning fees. The cleaning agency must be a legal entity and registered with the Ministry.

5. Tell the maid agency what you need in a maid. Once you have chosen an agency, you must inform the agent of your requirements for the maid. Some of the points to consider are:

  • Activities you like the maid to do
  • Age, family history, educational level, marital status
  • Experienced or inexperienced
  • Special skills like cooking, caring for children or the elderly or even pets, gardening
  • Train Employers Praise

The agent will then show you the CVs of the domestic workers they think meet your requirements. You will have to select a few to be interviewed.

6. Plan your interview and create a checklist for prospective maids. Write down the questions you need to ask potential maids, and be prepared to write down your answers so you can make a better comparison and make a more informed decision.

7. Arrange for other interviewers to come with you It will be much better if you have someone else like a close friend or relative or someone who has hired a maid before to attend the interview with you. This way the other person can ask questions you didn’t think to ask.

8. Examine the maids and ask relevant questions during the interview.

9. Select the maid. Her servant’s choice will be based on how closely she can meet her requirements and the amount of salary she requests based on the activities she will perform. It does not mean that the maid who has the minimum wage is the best one for you if she does not have experience caring for children while you work.

10. Prepare your home for the arrival of the maid. You will need to assign a room for your maid to sleep in and have her own privacy after work hours. Your room should be equipped with the basic furniture such as wardrobe, mirror, bed, etc. She will also need the right cleaning equipment to do her job efficiently so that it becomes a win-win situation where the maid can clean her house effectively and you return to a cozy and friendly home. very clean. You should also let family members know that a new person is coming to work and sleep in your home.

So there you have it, the secrets to choosing the right maid aren’t so hard after all when you follow these 10 easy steps. Here we wish her success in choosing the right home help for her.