The Secrets of Freemasonry – Learning more about Freemasonry

Freemasonry has aroused the interest of many, as this ancient and great organization has faced many controversies and many people, as well as groups and organizations, have many assumptions about this organization. In fact, it has been named a ‘secret society’ because most of its operation, as well as its membership, is hidden or kept secret.

The secrets of Freemasonry have been a subject of curiosity for many. Even in the early days of the organization, it has been questioned and criticized and denunciations have been raised here and there.

Although members of Freemasonry do not hide their affiliation—in fact, they often wear jewelry that identifies them as one—the full membership and scope of the fraternity is not clearly established for many. They may not be a ‘secret society’ as the Freemasons themselves call it, but there are many parts to the organization that remain hidden from the public. In fact, they hold secret meetings, have secret codes, rituals and symbols in which meanings are hidden from the public.

One of the ‘secrets of Freemasonry’ is also its rites and rituals of initiating a new member into the organization and later initiating him at different levels or degrees of being a Freemason. Aside from these aspects of the organization and its ‘secret society’ label, there were also many controversies and accusations hurled at the organization, from conspiracy theorists to groups and organizations.

Freemasonry was even discouraged by the Roman Catholic church among its members and the organization has been labeled anti-Christian. He has also faced issues about using his brotherhood to curry favor, especially since many members of the organization hold high government positions, including prime ministers and presidents, and many are also known and popular as sports heroes and celebrities.

The membership of the organization is also widely spread around the world and with that, the question of what their true common goal really is has been one of the main questions that bothered many.

Allegations that they are a religious cult or otherwise the Illuminati have also been leveled against the organization. Since Freemasonry only accepts men, they have also faced the problem of being discriminatory against women.

Probably due to the secrecy of their organization’s main purpose that some of its members didn’t even know, many accusations have been thrown at them. Aside from being labeled as anti-Christian, they have also been accused of being satanic, but of course, until people truly know what the common goal of Freemasonry is, it will probably remain a ‘secret society’ to many and may follow. being bombarded with accusations.

But of course, it is important to point out that the Freemasons have also been active in civic activities, in charitable works in any of their jurisdictions, and this has been their main activity. Of course, if you’re too curious about the deep secrets of the Freemasons, you can also find plenty of resources that address some of them.