Top Five Uses for Your Yard

Outdoor entertainment

The number one primary use of a patio is entertaining friends, family, and neighbors. Australia is blessed with great weather, but while we all love spending time outside, it is not comfortable to sit in the sun for long. A patio provides the perfect place to sit outside in the shade. Most people keep a selection of outdoor furniture on the patio, from comfortable outdoor sofas and chairs to dining tables and sets.

With the addition of lighting, television, and music, your patio is the best place to entertain guests in the summer. And if you buy a patio heater, you can keep partying well into winter. Some extra blankets should protect you and your guests on cold nights.


The next best use of a patio is for cooking food. Why use a kitchen when you can grill food on an outdoor barbecue? Many Australians turn their patio into an outdoor kitchen. It’s surprisingly easy to do these days thanks to some very stylish and affordable outdoor kitchen appliances. If you decide to set up an outdoor kitchen, plan it carefully. In addition to a barbecue, outdoor grill, or pizza oven, you’ll need a food prep area, a sink, storage cabinets, and perhaps a mini fridge or fridge. Make sure you have enough space to cook and eat, and if space is tight, consider extending your patio.

Recreational activities

Families often have games and toys in the yard so that children can play in the shade. Throw out a rug and cushions to keep the kids comfortable while the adults make the most of the chairs. A patio is also a great place to keep a pool table or game console. The noise will be less disturbing if you want some peace and quiet indoors. Add a little lighting and you can use your patio well into the night. You may also choose to suggest that your other half disassemble your car’s engine on the patio rather than on the inside of the kitchen table.


There is nothing better than relaxing on the patio when it is hot outside. Cuddling up with a good book and a cold beer in the shade of your patio is so relaxing, which is why millions of Australians use their patio to relax.

Growing Plants

Courtyards are excellent growing areas. There are many plants that thrive under the cover of a yard, so if you have green fingers, start growing potted plants, herbs, fruit trees, vines, and vegetables. Choose plants that prefer shade and be sure to water them regularly.

Do you have any other suggestions on how to use a patio? Let us know!