Unique Easter Slippers

If you’re looking for unique Easter basket ideas, then you should stop thinking about the Easter baskets you grew up with or the typical ones you might see on a store display. Unique Easter sneakers for today’s active and health-conscious lifestyle will look very different. Today’s basket, no longer filled with candy and plastic grass, should reflect a new life, a fresh start, and the start of something wonderful, like the Easter holidays and spring itself.

A unique Easter basket for a child should include gifts that reflect his interests. Include outdoor toys that satisfy his need for fresh air: a jump rope, sidewalk chalk, bubble and blowing tools, or even an old-fashioned set of jacks. Older kids and teens will appreciate DVDs and music CDs in their baskets, tickets to a show or sporting event, and gift cards to their favorite stores and restaurants. When it comes to teens, creating a gift that’s distinctively personal doesn’t have to be difficult. Most teens share their interests with the world through their Facebook page. Even a grandparent miles away can figure out a grandson’s or granddaughter’s favorite band, TV show, and clothing style. Teens also list their favorite restaurants, their coffee preferences, and the books they are reading.

When it comes to putting together a unique Easter basket for an adult, whether it’s a grown child, a neighbor, a co-worker, or even your boss, a themed basket can help you come up with great ideas. For the movie buff, fill a popcorn bucket with items like a classic and award-winning DVD. Try Citizen Kane or Cleopatra. Pair it with one of the recent Academy Award winners, like The Help. Add fillers: a gift card to the local movie theater and some popcorn for movie night at home. For the gardener, fill a crock pot with seed packets, new garden hand tools, work gloves, and a knee pad. Think outside the box for a unique Easter basket and challenge yourself to create both a container and gifts that can be reused, reused and recycled.

Easter provides an opportunity to show your love through unique Easter baskets that reflect your thoughtfulness and appreciation for your family and friends. When creating a basket that is uniquely yours and clearly for them, remember to put their interests first. Of course, you don’t have to skip sweets entirely. A few simple treats will deliciously complete any basket.