Westie Puppies For Sale – 7 Important Questions To Ask Your West Highland Terrier Breeder

Let’s say you’ve made up your mind about what breed you want, which is a cute Westie puppy for sale. The next step is to find a responsible breeder. You can do this from the parent club website or even at a Westie show. The breeder referral officers at your local club can help you find a breeder in your area. Find out if they are registered with AKC or any association that is relevant to your country.

Responsible breeders always breed to improve the health of the breed, not just to create a product for resale. They know their livestock, study pedigree, and conduct extensive health examinations. They will kindly answer your questions and help you with lots of useful tips and information.

You should visit the facility where the puppy or puppies were raised in person, as this will influence the future health and personality of your Westie. You should also see at least one of the parents and some of the littermates.

A responsible breeder must also provide a contract with health guarantees and documents to register your puppy. West Highland Terrier breeders can be found all over the world; from the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. From states like Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Breeders live to produce happy, healthy puppies, which are meant to be placed in special, loving homes. Puppies are typically checked by a vet twice before being placed in a new home. The experience of the breeders allows them to avoid skin disorders and any other genetic problems in their lines. They can also instruct you on the dos and don’ts of your Westie.

The worst options when buying a Westie are Westie hops or dealers, as they are typically looking for big profits and invest little in raising and caring for the puppies. Also avoid backyard breeders whose sole goal is to produce puppies and sell them quickly.


To make sure they are reliable, you should ask the breeders

About Checks for Hereditary Diseases

Health guarantee against them and what it covers

Any refund for a puppy you have chosen

Get a puppy pack and informational brochure

The right food for your Westie

Disassemble or trim Westies coats, related costs and frequency


Honest breeders will have no problem answering your questions, but if you feel like they are trying to avoid your questions, thank them for their time and look elsewhere. A good breeder has nothing to hide from you.

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