What contactless technology means to you

Each year, Forbes takes a look at the most exciting technology developments and lists what it believes are the most influential and powerful developments of the year. For 2013, one of the best options for device and technology development is to improve and increase the availability of contactless technology.

Contactless technology actually encompasses a large number of services and devices. In some cases, like the Motorola X, no-touch is incorporated through voice activation and recognition features. In others, like the Kinect, no-touch is incorporated through the body scan and motion recognition program. Regardless, non-touch technology has had a huge impact and will become more and more popular. This is what you need to know.

Body scans will be more popular

Your body is one of the most unique components of who you are, and Science Daily predicts that contactless technology will increasingly rely on body scans. This could be everything from virtual fingerprint scanning, where you don’t have to touch the screen, to the famous retina scan. It seems that this particular technology will be one of the most successful methods of blocking and securing devices from unauthorized users.

Sensitivity will be fine tuned

Kinect and Wii are two of the most popular and well-known devices that do not use touch technology. However, at the same time, some problems have arisen when the devices are not accurate enough. As anyone who has tried playing games on these devices can attest, going out of the ideal range, even a little bit, can significantly reduce in-game accuracy. As a result, they will most likely increase the overall sensitivity and at the same time improve the mechanisms for filtering out background noise.

Games will be the main developers

While smartphones are becoming a key place for the development of contactless technology, it seems that the gaming community will dominate this particular field. The first forays into the invention came from the gaming community, and the greatest demand for these services is also within the gaming community. One of the most exciting new gadgets coming out in 2014 are the Meta SpaceGlasses. They are partially inspired by Star Trek holodeck technology and classic 3D glasses. While the developers have stated that the glasses can potentially be used for creative and analytical purposes, the main reason for their development is gameplay.

Contactless technology will increase in popularity and sophistication as they continue to refine it. It is likely to become key to various forms of device protection and authorization. The sensitivity needs to be further adjusted. However, the market is ready for this technology. Most likely, the gaming community will help the most with development. This is the part of the market with the greatest desire for the technology, as well as the willingness to spend the money on it. The Meta SpaceGlasses will likely make great strides in this development as well.