Yankees winner number 27

When the last out was made and the floodgates opened as the entire New York Yankees team rushed to the mound to celebrate, there was no “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond blasting through the speakers, but some Sinatra followed by Jay Z and Alicia. Keys “Empire state of Mind” as the Bronx Bombers once again returned to the top of the threshold by defeating last year’s World Series champions the Philadelphia Phillies in Game 6 by the final score of 7-3.

Winning the World Series the way the Yankees did proved many skeptics wrong. Going into the postseason, everyone expected Alex Rodriguez to once again fail to deliver, which he quickly pushed aside on his way to nearly winning the ALCS MVP award. The Red Sox nation hoped that rumors of Red Sox jerseys still buried underneath the new Yankees stadium by construction workers hoping to curse the team would help the Phillies win. Well, maybe they should have buried more jerseys because while the Yankees are celebrating, the Red Sox are on a two-week off-season vacation and Curt Schilling still complains on any radio station he can.

Yes, the New York Yankees may have the highest payroll in baseball, but professional teams aren’t set up to finish their seasons in September that everyone wants to win – some teams just go to great lengths to get there. The payroll may be big, but it takes great players to step up in the great moments as Hideki Matsui, whose salary is tied for eighth on the Yankees payroll, took home the Most Valuable Player trophy after his night of 6 RBIs.

With the victory, the Yankees are now tied with the Red Sox as the only teams in the decade to win two World Series titles. The last time the Yankees won was in 2000, but unlike most teams, they still have 4 players on the roster that season Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada and Andy Pettitte, who briefly left to play with the Houston Astros from his hometown, but lost. so much the Yankees that he had to come back. All four players helped win the World Series in 2000 and all four helped last night.

It was a huge victory for the most storied baseball franchise, as they have now finally reached the 27th title. Over the next few days or months, the team and the city will enjoy their last victory, but this is a business and the Yankees They face a difficult decision. Are they bringing back Johnny Damon, who had a good postseason until he injured his calf muscle in last night’s win? Or are they keeping World Series MVP Matsui as the designated hitter and looking for another outfielder to replace Damon? One thing is for sure as long as Matsui is on the team, not only will the Yankees have a huge fan base in America that generates revenue, but millions more in Japan will continue to follow the man they call “Godzilla.”