Zoo York Clothing – The Facts

Although its history dates back to the 1970s, it wasn’t until the 1990s that the Zoo York Clothing name clearly took the fashion shelves by storm. Since the design’s founders were primarily from the sports fraternity, it was not surprising that most of their original designs were primarily outdoor outfits that appeal to sports personalities and other informal sector personalities such as musicians, disc jockeys, and skaters, among others. .

Since the groups mentioned above are the main stakeholders in this design, it was not long before the brand became a street label, as it mainly attracted young people and celebrities, a factor that made make your advertising obvious. Zoo York didn’t need a lot of publicity to get into the fashion industry. Unlike some cases where celebrities are used to advertise a product, Zoo York Clothing as a brand resonated with celebrities and most sports personalities and artists, making it an easy product to advertise. The rest of the masses automatically followed the suite, making Zoo York a force to be recognized both in the United States, where design was born, and in the rest of the world.

As of now, the brand has gained prominence around the world and seized a very significant share of the international skate apparel market share. The company uses sports fairs such as skateboarding to increase the brand’s popularity, mainly because a group of graffiti artists and skateboarders pioneered the brand. They called themselves the “Soul Artists of Zoo York.” It was thanks to the efforts of these artists to mark the streets of New York that they discovered the need for a stronger identity that led Rodney Smith and Bruno Musso to begin closing skateboards; This was in 1986.

His vision to keep the spirit of graffiti and skateboarding alive spawned the first official company on the Northeast scene with a team of unique skateboarders. With the end of closed skateboards in 1991, Rodney partnered with designer Eli Morgan and created the Zoo York brand. Adam Schatz, who helped take care of financial affairs, later joined them. Since then, the company has grown at a very commendable rate.

ZY designs all kinds of outfits for the body, from footwear to the head. Their collections include shoes, pants, top coats, jackets, caps, socks, and all other outfits for both men and women. Zoo York has taken a large part of the usual clothing for teens and young adults who enjoy and embrace the New York lifestyle and urban clothing. This further increases your sales, as this group is the most popular in most communities. With such a vast collection, you would hardly miss a set to your liking at ZY. Even with this level of success, ZY designers continue to develop newer outfits to keep up with emerging streetwear trends, a factor that ensures they are at the forefront in the apparel and design industry.