A Massage Therapy Business: How To Make Six Figures In Your Massage Therapy Business

This article looks at whether a massage therapist can really make six figures in their massage therapy business and how to do it.

Truth be told, the median income for massage therapists is below $ 50,000 a year. Many earn much less than this. This is mainly because many choose to work part time. But what about the entrepreneur who wants a full-time massage therapy business and wants a 6-figure income?

How To Make Six Figures From Your Masseuse Business

Well, most masseurs have a base rate that equates to about a dollar a minute, so an hour of massage would cost around $ 60. Mind you, I have seen much higher, in 2002 I stayed at a resort Luxury in Fiji that charged $ 250 per hour for a massage. But let’s use $ 60 per hour for this example.

6 x 1 hour massage a day, 6 days a week, 48 weeks a year. This is certainly ‘doable’. 2 treatments in the morning, 4 in the afternoon / evening, 6 days a week with 1 month off per year for vacations, and you get a 6-figure income. $ 103,680 to be exact.

While a business like this would certainly take time to establish, it is absolutely doable. This leads us to 2 more questions:

1. How do you earn six figures in your massage therapy business while working less than this?

2. For the very ambitious: how do you do even MORE than this in your massage business?

1 – How to work less and keep earning six figures in your massage therapy business?

While this workload wouldn’t be a problem for some, for others, the idea of ​​an average of 6 1-hour massages per day, 6 days a week is too much for their liking. So to earn the same amount while working less, it’s simple, replace some of your massage income with a different type of income that you can still earn in your massage business.

For example, let’s say you want to do 6 fewer massages per week. Instead of 6 per day, you want an average of 5 per day. Or maybe you want to work 5 days a week instead of 6. You need to find a substitute source of income to generate $ 360 a week.

The easiest way, selling products, here are some ideas:

Massage oils

Massage books

Massage videos

Massage with pillows and rollers

Yoga and Pilates Products

Novelty massage products such as mugs and t-shirts

You can also take a course once a month to teach massage for home use. You can specialize in a particular massage niche such as:

Facial and scalp massage

Back, neck and shoulder massage

Couples massage

Infant massage

If you only have 10 people paying $ 200 for an all-day or weekend course, that’s $ 2000.

2 – How to earn even more than 100,000 per year with your massage business?

When you hit a six-figure income level, you may find that you are so excited about your business that you just don’t want to stop, your entrepreneurial genes kick in, and you want to increase your income even more.

Of course, you can add all the things I mentioned above, sell products, run courses, but there is also another important strategy … leverage.

Take advantage of your massage therapy business

This means taking advantage of your time. If you are doing 6 massages a day, all you need to do to triple your income is do 18 massages a day, except of course you couldn’t do it physically!

But if you have this level of business experience, you could certainly expand your marketing to increase your clientele and employ other massage therapists. Imagine having 1, 2 or 3 more masseurs working for you and you keep 50% of what they earn. That is the power of leverage.

This may seem like a daunting strategy, but when you’ve established a successful massage therapy business and built up some business skills and entrepreneurial talent, leveraging your business in this way can take your income to a whole new level that you once thought was impossible. . you.

I hope these ideas on how to make six figures from your own massage business have given you pause and inspired you to set higher goals where you want to take your business. Other successful massage therapy companies are doing it and reaping the benefits, why not you too?