Crush the Box – Nix the Naysayers!

At one point in your youth, you made a face and someone warned you, “Be careful, you will stay like this!”

Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you have crossed eyes, a sticking out tongue, or abnormally curved lips? I do not believe it.

Did your elementary school art teacher ever tell you that your creation was wrong because it didn’t match your idea of ​​the subject you were portraying in your masterpiece? How can art be wrong?

Unfortunately, the detractors of our youth continue to make tsk-tsk creative expression into our adulthood. And in the business world, if you’re not creating, you’re stuck in a stagnant pond. Without risk, there is no possibility of reward. Without challenge, we do not learn. When we never explore the possibilities, we deny ourselves of something better.

Too often, you’ve heard the tired cliche, “Think outside the box.” Be creative. Push that envelope of convention. It’s a great concept, but actually most people hover around the perimeter of the box, using it as a base. It is like the umbilical cord that ties the astronaut floating in space to his spaceship, the retractable leash that gives the dog a slight sense of freedom. It is a connection to security.

The detractors are the ones who wear that leash. They question the creations of others, injecting the disadvantage of “what if?” question. They will tell you that your new idea won’t work, it can’t happen, the cost is too high, the quality is too low, the time is too long (or too short), and the resources are not in place. They will tell you “why” their plan has no legs, but then they will not make any effort to offer an alternative.

Negative thinkers fear change and risk. They sit in the judgment of creative thinkers – a poor jury as they lack the ability to dream like you! They hold the innate sense that someone will overcome them. What they do not realize is that they have prepared themselves for mediocrity because they are cloistered in the proverbial Box.

Legendary storyteller Washington Irving once said: “” Little minds succeed and are subdued by misfortunes; but great minds rise above them. “

Cartoonist George Schultz created the hapless Peanuts character Charlie Brown, who, in contrast to his sad nature, was the epitome of positive thinking. Despite the countless times his nemesis Lucy took the soccer ball from him just as he was about to kick, he believed this time would be the one! Schultz advised, “The moment you start talking about what you’re going to do if you lose, you’ve lost.”

Nix the Naysayers. They can infect your company with an ugly virus, casting doubt and negativity at your co-workers. Get them out of your creative thinking. Don’t let negative minds get in the way of your vision for the future. Conceived. To create. Reflect. See obstacles as opportunities to improve and grow. If your sales stagnate, take a closer look at what your customers might want and find a way to exceed those expectations. The solution will most likely come in the form of something you haven’t tried before. Maybe it’s a new service to be added (in-house or outsourced). Perhaps your clients have been sleeplessly lulled by the constant onslaught of the same old pitches. Make them wake up with a new idea! What have you wanted to try for a long time but never did? We all have a wish list hidden in our minds.

What will be the catalyst to push others forward? Let me give you a hint: it is not a price reduction. Discounting is a short-term solution because price-sensitive buyers are fickle. As soon as someone lowers it by a few pennies, your customer moves on to the next bidder.

Your success will come from creative thinking. What can I do today that excites my clients? How can I charge my staff? If I could, what would change about my company?

Gather some of your best creative thinkers in a room and give each a notepad with the words “What if?” we have it. Set the ground rules. You can only offer a criticism if you can accompany it with an alternative.

Brainstorm with your team of positive thinkers. Write down all the ideas that come up. Winner of two Nobel prizes, Dr. Linus Pauling said: “The way to get good ideas is to get lots of ideas and discard the bad ones.”

Come up with enough ideas and you’re sure to hit a great one! Don’t let the naysayers stop you. Cut the cord and explore a new frontier!