Getting more out of the Christmas experience

The calendar year is long. But we have birthdays, anniversaries, weekends, holidays, and holidays that we hope will make the wait easier. One of those great festivals is Christmas. It’s like ending the year in happiness and leaving all the pain behind and looking to start a new year all over again.

Every Christmas is the same and it seems that there is no difference between the past and the present. Why not get something else out of it and make it memorable, year after year? Go on a vacation abroad, call a family reunion, get together with old friends, and just enjoy the essence of being a Christian.

A very innovative way to make your child’s Christmas memorable is to do things together. Doing or creating things together forms the best kind of memory for a child to observe in later years. Doing Christmas crafts will be a lot of fun for a child and a parent together.

Start with Christmas decorations. Get out that old box of knickknacks and pour in whatever you think might be a suitable tree topper. Cut it, cut it, glue it and glue it to make something like an angel, a fir tree, a wreath, Santa Claus or whatever pops into your mind and that of your children.

Try making cards for teachers, mom, dad, sister, brother, and grandparents. This would be a great way to instill in your child a sense of what a family is. It will probably help give you some perspective too, that is, if you need it. There are tons of options on the Internet to search for ideas for ornaments, crafts, etc. that can be useful to develop something of your own.

Painting is a great stress reliever for you and a great learning experience for your child. Pick a seasonal theme and start painting. You can print a picture from the Internet or take inspiration from old fairy tale books or Christmas cards. Do you have a bookworm at home? Make a bookmark out of old Christmas cards. The effort is less but the results are tremendous.

You could make napkin rings out of bead wires. Every house needs napkin rings on the table. Why not make it more creative and unique? The old box under the bed or under the closet will always contain something that suits the occasion. That’s where your raw materials are. Does grandma like brooches? Make one with the broken hair clip.

Spend some quality time during Christmas and be smart to make beautiful Christmas decorations out of old things for friends and family. Do more with this commercialized festival.