How to buy a house with cash

Owning a home is something that almost everyone wants to do at some point in their life. Nothing can be compared to knowing that the house you live in is yours and that you can do whatever you want with it. Without paying rent, without answering to the owner, none of that …

While it’s pretty cool owning a home, many people make a hasty decision by getting a massive mortgage on their home rather than paying it upfront. This is understandable because not many of us have $ 100,000 to buy a home.

But, for those who choose to save money and buy their home with cash, the rewards are plentiful. Not only is it cheaper, but it will save you from being chained to the bank in a lengthy mortgage plan that you might end up wanting to opt out of before it’s even paid off.

Let’s take a look at how you can avoid a mortgage and buy your next home in advance, with hard cash.

Frugality is the name of the game

While it is highly likely that everyone would buy your home for cash if they could, hardly anyone does. This is because most people simply lack the discipline to save.

Now, if you earn between $ 20,000 and $ 30,000 a year, you will have to wait a long time to buy your own home, even living on the bare minimum.

But, if you are someone who earns $ 50,000 or more per year, or if you also have a spouse who earns as much as you do, it is very possible that you will buy your own home with cash, in a couple of years.

If you can save just a couple thousand a month over a period of 5 years or more, you will be well within reach to buy a nice home on your own.

Benefits of shopping with cash

The benefits of buying your home with cash are generally not offered to those with a large mortgage to worry about. For example, without a mortgage payment, you can put more money into your retirement plan, leading to earlier retirement or more money to spend when it’s time to quit.

You can also invest your extra money in some type of money-generating plan, such as the stock market, start-ups, or bonds. As long as you know what you are doing, this can prove to be a very useful money reserve in case you need to pay for an emergency, send your kids to college, or provide for your family in case something happens to you.


Buying a home with cash is undoubtedly the smartest way to buy a home, it just takes a certain amount of discipline when it comes to saving money.

Don’t waste your time and resources doing it alone or working with an amateur agent, contact a trusted real estate agent today and put yourself in good hands.