Shih chon

Shih Chon is a dog that is a cross between a Bichon Frize and a Shih Tzu. Shih Chon is a great companion and a perfect dog to have around the house and they are medium-sized dogs and generally don’t get much larger than a large cat.

Therefore, they are not suitable for outdoor use. Make sure someone in the family is with them when the dog is outside. The dog should have a nice fenced in backyard to play with. This would help them stay safe from other dogs. These dogs are perfect family dogs and they mix easily. They are excellent companions with children and are very affectionate. Shih Chon is a lap dog and needs to be cared for at all times. They are always willing to sit on your lap. They usually sit quietly on the lap, however sometimes they like to jump up and sit on the lap of the head of the hearth. So you have to be careful, he will want to sit on your lap.

The Shih Chon generally weighs around 8-15 pounds, therefore the dog is small and can be easily made to sit on your lap and you don’t have to worry about them getting too big. The dog is quite calm and if you want to escalate his calm, then on a scale of one to ten (ten is the highest), they oscillate around a 3. Although the dog is small, it also shows wild behavior at times. As the Shih Chon is gentle and not very active, it makes a great dog for retired people. The dog, if properly trained, can even sit and watch television with you or sit next to you when you play video games; this is the dog for you. Sometimes the dog does not sleep and just watches you do things and accompanies you until late at night.

Shih Chon eagerly look at things that move fast and most of the time they will watch your hands, because they move fast. Since the dog is medium in size and has a single coat, it sheds less hair or does not shed. So the Shih Chon is a perfect dog for those who hate matting or are allergic to dog hair. Thanks to these designer dogs, like the Shih Chon, you can now have your own dog. One should try. The dog has a well-built body and has a great personality. Shih Chon is not an independent dog.

The dog hates to be alone and if left for a long period of time he may be the victim of a separate anxiety. However, if the dog is cared for properly, they can outlive most large dogs but fail to outlive smaller dogs. However, the dog is generally healthy; have some health problems such as skin infections, Cushing’s syndrome, dental disease, patellar luxation, bladder and kidney stones. The half-life of the dog is 12 years.