How to select French bulldog puppies

French Bulldogs are generally described as ‘philosopher’s caped clowns’ as their grim faces mask their very comical features. The popularity of French Bulldog puppies lies in their reputation as companion pets. With their uniform temperament, easygoing and gentle nature, this breed is a very pleasant company for the elderly and children.

Affectionately known as Frenchies, this breed is small, muscular with heavy bone structure and a heavy head. They have a soft coat and their small face is recorded with bat ears. French Bulldogs like to be addicted to television as much as they like to chase balls. Although they are active and alert, they are not good as security dogs. Here are some key facts related to these puppies.

French bulldog puppies: key considerations

Some of the main characteristics and concerns of French Bulldog puppies are:

Problems associated with a short face: This breed faces some health problems due to its short face. Therefore, you must ensure that:

  • Keep this breed away from smoke, cleaning chemicals, allergenic pollen, and freshly cut grass to avoid respiratory problems.
  • Veterinarians must be very careful with their treatment. Only modern anesthetics should be given, and your heart and blood pressure should be checked frequently.
  • French Bulldogs should be kept in cool or air-conditioned environments. In hot, humid climates, they become vulnerable to heatstroke, as they cannot pant vigorously enough to stay cool.
  • Dog collars should be avoided as they put pressure on your windpipe and make breathing difficult.
  • The folds of your skin should be washed after meals.

General health problems.Poor breeding practices can lead to health problems for Bulldogs. There are chances of diseases of the joints, heart and eyes and disorders of the spinal cord.

ObstinacyThese Bulldog puppies can be very stubborn and manipulative, especially when they are being trained or exercised. You have to constantly show them that you are the boss. Food is a good motivator to encourage them to perform different tasks; however, if they don’t exercise properly, they end up getting fat and unhealthy.