How to touch a man and cause him to orgasm in record time – Male orgasm techniques for women

You’re sick of giving your man mediocre pleasure. You know you can do better in the bedroom and you know he knows you can do better. Instead of giving him a “regular” orgasm, you want to blow him away. You want his toes to curl and his body to literally explode with pleasure.

You are ready to learn how to properly touch a man and how to make him orgasm in record time. You are ready to learn the naughtiest tips regarding the male orgasm and how you can become a total sex slut in bed. It’s time you shed the good girl image in the bedroom and really rock his world tonight with these male orgasm techniques.

First of all, you want to turn your man on so much before touching him. You want him to be practically begging and drooling for your touch before you allow him to have it. This gets you going in a way you’ve never felt before. The more anticipation and sexual tension the two of you can create, the better. All of this contributes to the force of his orgasm and also to the amount of time it takes him to feel pleasure. With a proper amount of foreplay, you can have it exactly where you’ve always wanted it.

To touch a man and make him orgasm in record time, the key is to use a rough touch. Men like to be touched because they can handle it. The female body is very complex and delicate, but the male body is very different. You can use a little bit of pressure on him and you don’t have to worry about possibly hurting him. The key to making him orgasm quickly is to use this rough touch. You want to grab it tightly with your hand or do it with your body. Your Kegels can really lock him in during lovemaking and send him to orgasm heaven.

Oral sex can also make your man orgasm in record time, if you follow these male orgasm techniques of course. Use his mouth on the tip to lick and suck on it and then use your hand on the shaft to grasp and stroke it. This is a lethal combination to perform oral sex on your man and will make him climax in a matter of seconds.