ICAP Release Meter – Does ICAP Really Work?

When it comes to personal development, the ICAP release meter is one of the most powerful parts tools you’ll find anywhere. Originally developed about three years ago, the device can measure the release of negative subconscious emotions. The release meter is the first EEG, but it specifically reads the release brain wave. Because of this factor, it is a powerful tool for anyone using the Sedona Method or Release Technique.

As an ICAP user, I’ve found that I can tell exactly when I’m releasing. Due to the nature of the release itself, it can be quite difficult to know when the actual release has taken place, which is why this tool is so useful and well worth the money. Although not cheap, the potential of this tool is that you can measure your progress over seven months and see how many negative blocks you have released.

Never in the history of personal development have we had such a powerful tool at our disposal. Lester Levinson said that the Sedona method and/or the release technique is the fastest way to freedom. By releasing repressed negative thoughts and limitations, we can discover our true selves. Just take a second to really understand how powerful that is. It has taken Buddhist monks a lifetime to achieve what we can now achieve in a very short time if we are willing to make the necessary effort.

Anyone who has ever felt trapped in their life and hasn’t tried the release technique then should think about giving it a try. I know from my own experience that we can try many things, but sometimes we need to let go of the feelings that drive negative compulsive habits and addictions before we can truly overcome them. However, I must mention that, like any other self-improvement technique and technology that is included with the release meter and ICAP, you will have to contribute everything that you want to obtain.

I can promise that if you are willing to release a little bit every day, you will soon notice a vitality in the freedom of your life that you have never felt before. It’s hard to describe, but when you start using this process it’s similar to the feeling you get when you meditate, and it has that similar calmness. Of course you don’t need the ICAP meter, but if you really want to get down to business and work through your subconscious limitations as quickly as possible, then this tool is absolutely invaluable.