Inch by inch is child’s play.

When I was in law school, I was already a well-known consultant, very busy professionally, and I often wondered, especially when reading the books, “Why am I submitting to this misery?”

That’s when I remembered a saying I first heard from a customer:

“Inch by inch is a piece of cake; Yard for hard, it’s hard!”

Unquestionably, this saying tells us the wise way to do anything great, challenging, magnificent, or unprecedented. You have to break it down into bite-sized bites.

If you try to gobble up the whole project or bite off more than you can chew, it’ll be done with you in record time.

Right now, I’m dealing with a current challenge that requires the same approach, taking one step at a time: writing articles.

My goal is very challenging. I am committed to writing hundreds of pieces, being more prolific than ever. But I realize that, having completed important tasks in the past, if I focus on the large number, the end goal, it will seem too distant and overwhelming.

So I’m taking the centimeter-by-centimeter approach.

I tell myself that the big number will come soon enough, if I just commit to keep moving forward, no matter how small or miniscule.

So some days, I completely detach from writing, but I’m still considering what my future topics will be. That is progress, still, and I need to interpret it this way, to stay positive.

If I stop to question the merit of the project in general, I will delay my progress, so there is no question of the original decision. You must stay upright.

Having committed, really given to the task, I can actually slow down, be more casual, more blissfully incremental about my progress.

It always works, this approach to small is beautiful, and I highly recommend it!