The world of anime stickers: a glimpse

In today’s fast-paced world, Anime stickers or emoji have made their mark making it possible to send messages quickly and with much more fun. With a wide variety of these electronic stickers, it has reached a point where there is no need to text. Using anime stickers when posting stories on Instagram and Facebook is all the rage these days. Anime stickers are just like the superstars of social media. We can’t even think about texting without an emoji. Well, for some, emoji are very important, a very essential ‘what’s-his-name’ thing. We can also say that we are living in an “EMOJICAN ERA”.

We use emoji to express emotion to our text. For example, if someone texts us “Are you okay?” we prefer to use a “heart or thumbs up emoji” instead of texting. Emoji are of various types. The smileys are the most popular. After that comes the heart emoji. There are even food emojis! Manga drawings also inspired anime sticker designers. Today, emoji-themed puzzles and games are very popular among children and teenagers.

The word emoji means “image character.” It was Shigetaka Kurita who came up with the idea of ​​the emoji. He worked for the DoCoMo company. He was inspired by weather forecast symbols, manga drawings, and Chinese characters. DoCoMo already had a heart tab designed for their pagers. Then the next step was to create emoji. Kurita designed around 180 emojis at first based on his observations of people’s expressions. When they saw that, they eventually decided to outsource the emoji creation to bigger companies like Panasonic, but then decided they would design them themselves.

What are the stickers?

Large-scale sticker printing is mostly seen and the ones that are in fashion are those of anime characters. Icons are commonly used during chats or instant messaging services. People prefer to send anime stickers because they feel that it conveys a lot of emotions and the right message when they are not sitting face to face. Most of the stickers are available in groups or sets where they can be downloaded and used for free. There are some premium packages where they charge a few dollars. These are called premium as they belong to specific brands, items, or even limited editions.

There are also vinyl anime stickers that can be purchased to decorate your everyday belongings and surroundings, including walls, bumpers, cars, doors, motorcycles, toys, desks, and much more. Each one of us has our emotions or messages to convey and this can be conveyed to the outside world through these Anime stickers.