Tips you can follow when putting exercises

If golf is your passion, you must try all the methods and tricks to shine in this game. There is more to golf than simply hitting the ball with a club and sending it flying to a distant place. Starting from the movement of your hips to transferring the force of your swing to the ball to send it far down the determined course, golf is all about perfection.

That’s why in golf, you should only make birdies and not three putts. But for this you need excellent skills that have been honed through putting drills. These exercises will help you understand the basics of putting. Because when you’re out there, with a lot of eyes watching you, the pressure is going to make the game harder. But even then you have to do your best to get the highest score. To make each hit of yours an ace, you must follow the instructions given below.

o Always keep your head still. You must do this to keep your putt on the right track as you swing. You can keep practicing in your hotel room or your office whenever you can. Remember, practice makes perfect. What you can do is stay very close to the wall and touch the wall with your head as you take your putting position. When you stroke, you should not turn your head away from the wall. You’d look a little weird this way, so make sure you practice it when no one is around. Or you can bring along a trusted friend and ask them to hold their heads up while you putt. When you hit the ball, just look at where it was and count to three to hear your ball drop into the putting cup.

o Keep your eyes closed. After making your two to three foot short putt, close your eyes. This will help you focus on the movement of your arms. Golf is also about posture. You have to get the right shape and movement to make the right impact. You will find that the slower you move your hands, the more consistently you can kick. And you will also be able to control very well the distance that the ball must travel.

o Get a very stable base. Have you seen a building under construction? The main thing it requires is a very stable base. Golf is almost similar to building a structure on the ground. You need a solid foundation for this. When you come out, you will have to coil and twist your body to generate power. Then, as you swing, you have to uncurl from where you could direct your body force to the ball. While doing this, you cannot wobble. So you have to better grip the ground.

o What you can do then is take a putting stance and fit a ball between your knees, and then swing. The ball must not fall. This will perfect your movement.

These tips are part of the putting drill that you should always follow while learning to play golf. They will make you an ace in the game in no time!