Video is the best advertising tool for your business

As you read this, approximately 11 million videos are viewed across the internet.

Video is considered to be one of the strongest media assets. While video marketing is in the early stages of its development, today a growing number of companies are integrating video into their institutional marketing and sales campaigns.

Most customers prefer to view company descriptions or overview in a video mode rather than a text document.

The video has many positive features:

· It can be much more profitable than the sales force, extending to geographically diverse areas.

Video can go viral very quickly with the help of social media and other online networks.

· It is favorable for many consumers because it allows them to go ahead and review the material again.

It typically generates the highest response rates of any marketing medium.

Companies use video in several ways:

Promote your business

Build brand awareness

Demonstrate products and services,

Provide training and support,

Disseminate the instructions for the use of their products.

Research from Forrester Research and Promotional World shows that

  • Over 150 years of videos are viewed on Facebook every day!
  • Landing page conversions increased 55% with the inclusion of a video on the page (Promotion World, October 10, 2011).
  • 85% of consumers are likely to visit a seller’s website after watching a video online.
  • Tech brand is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of search engine results if it has a video on its website or profile page.
  • 95% of buyers found video to be a useful tool for making purchasing decisions.

You can explain a complicated product through a video guide!

Video always outperforms your blog in terms of product hoax or service explanation.

Video is fun and easy marketing because it can be viewed on almost any digital device and is easily shared across individual networks. Plus, it grabs people’s attention much faster than a static image or boring text.

Online shoppers who watch videos were statistically shown to spend 30% more time on a website and 64% more likely to buy compared to non-video sites (ComScore 2011 report).

As with other forms of digital marketing, there are several ways to measure the effectiveness of your video investments, including:

Points of view – The simplest and most obvious means of measurement criteria. Show how many people watched the video.

Ratings – Allows viewers to rate the popularity of the video. This can be anything from a simple Like / Dislike button to a 5-star rating.

Comments– The most subjective of the measurement tools, but also potentially the most valuable, as it offers a more detailed description of what viewers think of the video.

Viral– Track how often your video content is shared via social media and email.

Several steps to create a great promotional video

Be brief. Long videos bore people. A great video shouldn’t be longer than 20-30 seconds. We are talking about a promotional video here, not a demo or educational video.

Focus.Try to deliver the key message to your audience. You must create every word, image and sound. Video should support the sales process and meet the needs of your customers. At the same time, your video should support the brand values, the main description points of the company, which improves the shopping experience.

Authenticity. Generally, people don’t like to feel like they are being commercialized. Naturally, an advertising message should accompany the presentation of your video. An advertising message must be substantive, it must be useful and add value to the viewer.

Happy.It has good content about your company, description of your products, instructions for use, it just needs to be rebuilt for video. For example, the video may contain technical reports; interview customers at a trade show.

Technically speaking. Try to make a good quality video with clear picture and sound, test if necessary.

To reiterate just a few of the highlights:

1) Video provides higher online conversion rates

2) The search engine rates the optimized video better.

3) Video is being used more and more by different companies.

As you read this, video is consuming more and more internet bandwidth.

The public and business representatives trust the video. Video is considered more suitable for the human brain than text.

Adding video to the marketing of a business or product is not expensive, complicated, or overwhelming.

You can upload your video to different diversified platforms like Glabex (social business platform), Facebook (social website), YouTube (website for videos).