What Does a Mortuary Transport Driver Actually Do?

Mortuary Transport Driver Actually Do

A mortuary transport driver is someone who delivers and moves bodies. The driver’s main job is to drive the deceased from one location to another. Usually, this requires the use of a commercial vehicle, so they must know the way around the city and the state. In addition, they must also have a thorough knowledge of mortuary procedures. Then, they will also be able to make deliveries safely and efficiently.


A person who is 21 years of age and has excellent driving records can become a mortuary transport driver. They must also be able to work with others and pass a background check and drug screen. Moreover, they must be flexible in working hours, especially on weekends and nights. A Mortuary transport driver can earn a median of $14,567 per year. The salary ranges for a position as a mortuary transport driver vary according to location, skill level, and experience.

A Mortuary transport driver works in a mortuary and transports dead bodies to a morgue or crematory. They also work in a funeral home. Their responsibilities include delivering the dead bodies and putting them on funeral vehicles. However, they should be able to coordinate with hospital staff, and coordinate with funeral homes. If possible, they should have their own business model, and have a network of local mortuaries and medical facilities.

What Does a Mortuary Transport Driver Actually Do?

A mortuary transport driver does a variety of tasks. Among these, the driver carries the deceased body from one location to another. The funeral director and funeral home directors also need these drivers for delivering the dead body to another location. In addition to the duties listed above, they also perform airport pickups. A funeral director may need their services if they need a corpse to be shipped to a cemetery.

What does a mortuary transport driver actually do? What does a mortuary transport driver? A mortuary transport driver will pick up the deceased from the graveyard and deliver it to the hospital. The average salary of a mortuary transport driver is $37,425 in San Francisco, CA. The average salary of a mortuatory transport driver in the city is $19,580. A Mortuary transport driver is a vital component of a funeral home.

Besides delivering the deceased to the hospital, a mortuary transport driver will transport the dead to a mortuary in other cities. They will also be responsible for checking the condition of the deceased during the transportation. They will have to ensure the deceased is handled with respect. They must also be aware of bloodborne pathogen safety, and should be knowledgeable about the regulations governing the industry.