What is a silly labrador retriever?

Although many people think that all Labrador Retrievers look similar, the truth is that we are like people! We can develop with different colors, facial features, and bone structure. These traits can be the result of selective breeding, as many Labradors are selectively bred for use as show dogs (requiring certain appearance characteristics). Appearance characteristics generally have little to no effect on a Labrador Retriever’s overall temperament and have not been shown to affect a Labrador’s overall health.

Although many people think that a “Blockhead” Lab refers to a dog that is particularly stubborn, the truth is that it is just another structural trait. A block head labrador has a head that is blunt and box-shaped. English Labrador Retrievers are most commonly associated with the “Blockhead” trait, as this is an early representation of the Labrador breed. English Labrador Retrievers are generally bred more to resemble the historical foundations of the Labrador Retriever breed, which have box-shaped heads. American Labradors have been bred more for hunting and are favored for having a longer and narrower snout than English Labradors. This type of Labrador is also known as a “field dog”, not suitable for exhibiting.

American Blockhead Labs are generally bred for this trait when they are to be used as show dogs. Generally, most of the Lab image renderings show dogs that have a perfect Blockhead. It is considered to be an ideal representation of the Lab breed. Blockhead Labradors are rapidly losing popularity in the United States as many breeders choose to breed traits such as hunting ability and temperament instead. Right now, however, a Labrador that is bred to have the dumb head trait will fetch a much higher price than the average Labrador. This is because Blockhead Labradors still have potential use as show dogs.