What You Must Do To Pass The Bar Exam

The bar exam is probably the most important exam for a law school graduate. That said, you shouldn’t take any chances studying for it. However, while conventional logic states that you must enroll in an expensive bar exam course, I recommend that you forgo that option.

I am a lawyer and I was once in your place studying for the bar exam. As a seasoned veteran of this process, I can attest that the best method of studying for the Massachusetts bar exam is to forget about courses, stressed out students, and loose-brained lecturers.

Your best bet for passing the bar exams is YOU and only you. Ignore the BarBri or PMBR representatives. Their courses are simply ways to extract as much money as possible from you. Don’t let them do it !! Instead, all you need for efficient and effective preparation are the books and materials used in those courses and some sample tests and practice questions.

When I took a bar exam course three years ago, I ended up passing the exam with the skin of my teeth. However, two of my friends studied differently and passed with higher scores. One of them (who took the traditional course) spent most of his time asking practice questions and rehearsals. My other friend (who took the Massachusetts bar exam)I didn’t even take a bar exam course. He bought the books online, read them, and asked hundreds of practice questions.

Based on the advice of my friends, if I ever had to take another bar exam, this is what I would do:

(1) I would not take a course (don’t waste your money);

(2) You would buy the course books online or from someone else;

(3) read the books (all of them … and thoroughly); Y

(4) I would ask as many practice questions as possible.

Take it from someone who survived this process – you will pass the bar exam if you follow these four steps. It is the best study method and saves you time and money that would otherwise be spent on a useless course.