When Akita puppies are ready to leave their mother

By the time the puppies are between seven and eight weeks old, they should be fully weaned. Your mother should still be around so you can play with them and enjoy them, but they should have learned that you can’t get milk from her and they shouldn’t disturb her. The puppies’ education should be well advanced and they should have learned a few words and some sounds, such as the rustling of the cookie package and the noise of the feeders. They will emerge as individuals, with their own distinctive characteristics.

Each breeder has their own way of managing the sale of puppies, but we believe that all future homes should have been vetted for suitability. Puppies should be shipped with a diet sheet, a complete summary of future care, their phone number, a pedigree, and a certificate of registration from the Kennel Club (or a promise of one if there has been a delay). You can decide whether to provide written receipts and agreements. You may also want to sell or “place” a puppy on the condition that it should not be used for breeding. There are a number of ways this can be done: some people award written contracts, some retain registration certificates, some use the Kennel Club feature to support registration, although the Kennel Club may override it at its own discretion. Some breeders do not register the puppy. Some provide a veterinary certificate before the puppies leave. Some future owners will insist on a veterinary inspection, in any case.

All you can do is take every precaution to ensure that the Akita puppies you have raised go to the best possible homes. The biggest reward is when you meet one of your puppies at a future date and see that the dog looks good and fit, and in many cases, will still recognize you. Although you spend a relatively short time with the puppies, it is a very important time in their lives and will have a significant influence on their future well-being.