A cool but successful adoption event!

We knew it would be cold today. Temperatures were expected to stay in the 40s. And then there was the wind. One of those icy breezes that just blew through your clothes. We take turns sitting in our cars to warm up and shield the animals with wind blocks, keeping the little ones in the back of a closed van for extra warmth. We even take turns hugging the animals to keep them warm. We thought about suspending it due to the cold, but the need was so great, with so many animals that needed a home, that we decided to dress warmly and face the cold.

Jan had even made a special run to Ola the night before to rescue a mother dog on the street with twelve – yes, I said TWELVE puppies. They are a very beautiful Rottweiler / Lab mix. Six of them were adopted. The other six came home with me. (I know, not the way it’s supposed to work, I’m supposed to come home with LESS animals, not more. At least that’s what my son keeps telling me!) I managed to adopt Chai Kitty and Leonardo, although I brought another black kitten (this female) home with me. I also took two Weimaraner / Lab mix puppies. Total count for the day: 2 cats outside, 1 cat and 8 dogs inside.

I know I know I do very well when someone CALLS to tell me that they need me to take in an animal. I just take a deep breath and say, “I’m so sorry, my rescue is complete, but I’d be happy to post a digital photo of the dog or cat online and see what we can do that way.” But, when the animal is right in front of you, and you know the next stop is the animal shelter, or worse yet, euthanized, that’s a completely different story. I take a deep breath and say: “I would be willing to receive this animal, but I would greatly appreciate it if you would make a donation to my rescue to cover the expenses. I will have to vaccinate it, deworm it.” , tested for heartworm / fe-leuk, spayed / neutered, etc. “

I received some donations today. I’ll probably turn around and spend them on more boxes for the extra puppies I brought home today, I can’t exactly throw them outside with snow in this week’s forecast after all.