Choosing the best suitable color for your LED strips

Today there is a wide variety of LED strips available on the market. The most commonly used strips are RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color. By mixing these three colors, any color can be created. The intensity of each color must be controlled to blend the colors and create the desired result. LED strips are used in lighting design, especially in coves or building exteriors to create an artistic view and different moods in the space.

In addition to RGB strips, there are more colors available on the market, such as cool white or warm white. Cool white is suggested for use in the office or kitchen. Warm white is nice for the living room or TV area. If there is an area that is used both as a TV area and as a reading area, the natural white color can be used.

A fairly new technology is the RGBW LED strip, which combines the colors red, green and blue with the color white. With this additional device, the user can create a light white color. Previously, that was not possible, since by mixing only the colors red, green and blue, the white color is not very clear. This RGBW LED strip consists of two different chips, an SMD5050 RGB chip and a white chip, installed in the strip line and sold as RGBW strips.

Today an innovative technology of the 5050 LED chip is available on the market, which combines the colors red, green, blue and white (RGBW). This chip combines everything into one SMD5050 package chip. Unfortunately, as it is the newest technology in LED strips, it is quite expensive. Although it is expected to become the new “must have” in lighting design.

Another completely new technology, regarding LED strips, is the 24V constant current LED strip series. This strip can be installed in longer runs and has the ability to maintain exactly the same brightness, from the first to the last LED chip, for up to 10 meters in a row. This technology is available for single color or RGB CC strips. They are powered by the usual constant voltage drivers (24V). Since it is a new technology, it has a higher price than normal CV strips. Although they are reliable, due to the controlled drive currents, they are well worth the money.

Therefore, different colors are available for LED strips, as well as different LED chip technologies. The choice must be made carefully, according to the special needs of each application.