How to Choose a Small Window Air Conditioner

Small Window Air Conditioner

The compact design of small window air conditioners makes them perfect for those who need to cool just a few rooms. It is important to note that this type of air conditioning unit is best for cooling rooms that are not in constant use. Many of these types of mini air conditioners are used in RVs and other temporary situations such as college dorms. In these settings, a small window unit is sufficient. However, if you are looking for a window air conditioner that can quickly and easily cool down your entire home, you will need to look at options that feature a high BTU capacity. 

Window air conditioners usually come in various sizes, from small-space models which boast up to 4,500 BTU’s or less to giant coolers capable of cooling down an entire home. The higher the BTU capacity, the more effectively your AC unit will cool down your home. A small window air conditioner is good for a couple of rooms in your home: a bedroom and your baby’s room. It may be sufficient for these limited purposes, but if you want to cool down your entire home, you will need to look at options that feature a high BTU capacity.

When purchasing a small window air conditioner, be sure to check the latest price listings. This is a vital tip! You do not want to spend too much money on an air conditioner when you can get a comparable model at a lower price in another department or online HVAC store. You also need to consider what features you are interested in and whether they would enhance the comfort of your home. For instance, is your home quiet when you are at home? If so, buying a window-mounted air conditioner with a fan is probably a good idea.

How to Choose a Small Window Air Conditioner

As mentioned earlier, many people opt for a small window air conditioner due to the fact that it quickly cools down a room. There are two ways to achieve this: either with a forced air system or with a fan. Fan systems usually use central air; the temperature is maintained at a constant level by circulating cool air through the home. Forced air units use a cooling agent to circulate warm air through the area in question. In the case of forced air, the cooling is achieved gradually – the fan is set on a slow speed, and the room is kept at a constant temperature.

With window units, you have two options when it comes to cooling your home. First, there are the temperature settings. These are usually set on the unit’s control panel; some models offer a wide range of temperature settings that can be programmed to your liking depending on the time of year. If you prefer to be able to program your unit yourself, then there are many models available that come with digital controls.

Second, and possibly the most important aspect, is the size of your unit. Remember that the smallest units can cool a space as small as a single bathroom! There are also air conditioner units that can fit into an unoccupied closet! These may cost more upfront but will save you tons in energy in the long run.