Physiotherapy East Sheen Can Assist With Recovery From Whiplash Injuries

Physiotherapy East Sheen Can Assist

Whiplash is a term for neck pain and stiffness caused by sudden acceleration or deceleration forces to the cervical spine. Usually a car accident is the cause but can also be sustained from sporting accidents, falls and other traumas that result in the head whipping backwards and forwards. This movement overstretches and sprains the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the neck. This then causes inflammation and localised pressure on the spinal nerves leading to a range of symptoms including neck pain and stiffness, headache, dizziness, pain with movement, fatigue, tingling in the arms or hands, and tenderness over the muscles of the neck, shoulders and upper back. Occasionally the ligaments of the neck may tear or fracture and this can lead to instability of the neck.

Whiplash can be classed as grade 0 (no complaints or physical signs) or grade II (neck pain, stiffness and musculoskeletal symptoms). The higher the injury grades are the more severe the symptoms are. A physiotherapist at Physiotherapy East Sheen will take a full history, do a thorough physical examination and design an individualised plan of care to assist you with recovery from your whiplash injury.

This will involve manual therapy and rehabilitation exercises to speed up your recovery and return you to normal activities. Manual treatment could include massage, electrotherapy (ultrasound, interferential) and acupuncture as well as manipulation and mobilisation of the spine and soft tissue surrounding the spine. The physiotherapist will guide you through a home exercise program and may also suggest specific stretches to help ease your neck pain.

Physiotherapy East Sheen Can Assist With Recovery From Whiplash Injuries

Physiotherapy East Sheen can also provide advice and exercises to do at home to reduce your neck pain and improve your range of motion. This is especially important to do early after the injury to prevent stiffness and swelling. One simple exercise is to sit in a seated position and gently tuck your chin backwards as if you are making a double chin. Repeat this for 10 repetitions three times a day.

If you are suffering from whiplash or any other injury affecting your neck, shoulders or upper back please call our team of expert physiotherapists at Physiotherapy East Sheen. Our registered physiotherapists will develop a treatment plan to assist you in reaching your maximum medical recovery.

Phoebe Machin is a warm and friendly physiotherapist who came to London in 1997 – and never left! She studied Health Science at the University of New England and has over 15 years experience treating all types of injuries. In particular she has a special interest in neck injuries such as whiplash and rowing injuries. During this time she has seen how difficult it can be for patients to get to their appointments when they are working or have family commitments and so has launched a mobile physiotherapy service called Physit, which brings a physiotherapist to you at home, work or school. This is particularly helpful for people with chronic aches and pains that are difficult to resolve.